Behind the Box: Katie Geise, Sourcing Manager

Behind the Box is Harvie’s way of connecting you to the people behind your weekly grocery delivery. Meet Katie Geise, Sourcing Manager. Her favorite spot in Pittsburgh? The Allegheny Cemetery. 

What is the last thing you ate?

Stir-frys are my go-to for a quick weeknight meal. My lunch was last night’s stir-fry: Mighty Small Farm’s beautiful Asian eggplant and okra plus tofu, red bell pepper, and a heap of garlic and ginger. I’ve been using Sichuan pepper pickles lately to flavor my sauces. There’s a little heat, a little tang — perfect!

What’s your favorite comfort food, go-to meal, or recipe?

Cheese, of course! Even after 10+ years in cheese, I never skip trying a new cheese or revisiting an old favorite. The great food romance of my life is French cheese (Beaufort! Loire Valley small formats! Reblochon! Forget about it…) but there’s no denying the killer cheese coming out of the United States. 

What’s your favorite Harvie product?

I’m sorry but I actually can’t choose! I get to work with the absolute cream of the crop of producers. It’s an embarrassment of riches every week when I open my Harvie box!

What’s your favorite spot in PGH?

Living in Upper Lawrenceville, I spend a lot of time in and around Allegheny Cemetery. What other place in Pittsburgh can you grab a pastry from La Gourmandine and chill with a fox, geese, and a few zombie deer? If you’re lucky, you might even catch me with my accordion.

What’s your favorite thing about Harvie/Working for Harvie?

Harvie’s the real deal! Before coming to Harvie, I sold cheese here in Pittsburgh and Harvie was my ideal customer. Big orders, flawless manners, and zero headaches! As an employee, I’ve found a workplace that matches that experience. Central to our culture is high achievement, integrity, and a deep responsibility to each other as co-workers.