For Producers: Food Safety Information

Food Safety Requirements

Like all things at Harvie, our approach to food safety is driven by our core commitment to producers at all scales–and good old-fashioned common sense. Our food safety requirements are tiered based on size, to meet your business where it’s at and where you’d like to go. 

We boil food safety down to a simple problem. In case of an incident, Harvie must have the ability to trace a product’s journey from the field or manufacturing facility to our members’ front door–and say that at every step of the process, food was handled safely. The only way we can do that is through a paper trail. 

With our food safety requirements, we’re asking you to prove that you can solve that traceability problem–and, just as vitally, make and execute a plan for preventing incidents from happening in the first place. Having these systems in place will not only strengthen your business and partnership with Harvie, but will open you up to sales opportunities from major retailers who have similar standards across the board. 

Please review the requirements below and page of tools to help you navigate compliance. Harvie’s sourcing team is here to answer questions and connect you with resources. Call or email freely. to reach Katie and Neil. 

Compliance from current suppliers will be required as of January 1st, 2023. All new suppliers will be onboarded at our lowest tier, with a 6 month grace period to meet the appropriate compliance. 

Food Safety Requirement Overview

General Requirement Guide