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Urban Veg is a family run urban farm committed to rebuilding relationships with the farmer and the community. We are passionate about the next movement into farming which is hyper local urban farming dedicated to turn green grass into plots that can supply our local community with fresh produce while using less of Mother Natures vital resources.

Group B Delivery for Jan 13th, 2020

Posted on January 10th 2021 by Isaac at Urban Veg

***IT'S SOUP SOUP SOUP TIME***   1) *** REMEMBER TO READ THE NEWSLETTER FOR RECIPES, IDEAS, STORAGE INFO AND MORE!*** 2) PLEASE REMEMBER TO PUT OUT YOUR COOLERS WITH ICE. YOUR VEGGIE QUALITY DEPENDS ON IT.  We have so much awesome goodness for ya'll this week! EXCITING!  If you haven't joined us in our Private Facebook group,... read more »

Artisan Handmade European Bread
Farmer Eggs
Peas Shoots
Jams, Variety, Local & Organic
Salad & Soup Topper Microgreens
Salsas, Pestos, Salad Dressings, Spice Blends
Gluten Free Artisan Bread
Garlic Chives
Superfood Salad Bowls
Salad Mixes, Local & Organic
Kickin' Micro Arugula
Sunny Sunflowers
Micro Leeks
Broccoli Power Punch
Micro Red Beet
Micro Cilantro
Italian Micro Basil
Purple Basil
Raw Milk
Broccoli, Local & Organic
Beets, Local & Organic
Turnips, Local & Organic
Melons, Local & Organic
Radishes, Local & Organic
Summer Squash, Local & Organic
Winter Squash, Local & Organic
Hot PEppers, Local & Organic
Sweet Peppers, Local & Organic
Okra, Local & Organic
Onions, Local & Organic
Heirloom Tomatoes, Local & Organic
Potatoes, Local & Organic
Soups, Fresh, Made from the Farm, Local & Organic
Broth & Stocks, Local & Organic
Vegetable Plants/Seedlings, Local, Organic, & from Heirloom Seed
Sweet Potatoes - Organic & Local
Cucumbers, Slicing - Organic - Local
Dino Kale
rainbow Carrots or Orange Carrots
Rainbow Swiss Chard (or any colored chard)