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Springdale Farm started out as a CSA in 1988, and now supplies approximately 1200 CSA members, spanning several counties in southeast Wisconsin, with its organic produce. The farm is able to extend its short Wisconsin growing season with the help of over an acre of greenhouses.

Farm Happenings for December 14, 2022

Posted on December 8th 2022 by Peter Seely

Whoops!  New photos not downloading, so we send along a recycled one of granddaughter Simone helping Peter with the garlic! This week's offerings:  Many root crops, as is typical for this time of year!  And a few kinds of winter squash, including Tetsukabuto, a good and flavorful keeper.  Cremini mushrooms also!  We also m1 read more »

Organic fuji apples, 3 lb. bag
Beef Roast
Beet Greens
Brussels Sprouts
Cabbage, Napa
Chinese Cabbage
Daikon Radish, about 2 lbs
Eggplant, Italian
Garlic, small bulbs
Garlic scapes
Beans, Green
Ground Beef
Maple Syrup - Drewery Farm Plymouth, WI
1/2 lb. Shiitake mushrooms
Onions, Yellow
Tomatoes, Paste
Peas, Sugar Snap
Peppers, Hot
Peppers, Sweet
Pork chops
Pork Roast
Onions, Red
Salad Greens
Salad Mix or Lettuce
Squash, Butternut
Squash, Spaghetti
Squash, Summer
Squash, Winter
Steaks, Beef
Sweet Corn
Sweet Potatoes
Tomatoes, Beefsteak
Tomatoes, Cherry
Bok Choy
A couple small fennel
Peas, Snow
Turnips, Salad
Squash, Delicata
Cranberries - Century Farm Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Micro Greens
Asian Greens
Bell Peppers, Green
Bell Peppers, Colored
Peppers, Lunch Box
Dozen eggs, Norman Miller Farm, (organic)
Cucumbers (unit)
1/2 pound Cremini mushrooms
1/2 pound White button mushrooms
Pea shoots
1 gallon of maple syrup
Lacinato kale
1 bag with 20 scapes
Sunflower Sprouts
1 qt. maple syrup
3/4 pint maple syrup
Collard greens
Cabbage, Red
Beans, yellow
Beans, Yellow
Green cabbage
Tomatoes, 1/2 pint clamshell
Green Beans
8 oz bag salad mix (usually 6 oz)
A large bag of garlic scapes!
Pullet eggs (smaller eggs) Miller Farm
1 large kohlrabi
2 lbs Red beets (w/o tops)
Dozen organic pullet eggs (slightly smaller), Miller Farm
1 lb. bag of garlic
Bag of basil (1 lb.)
3 small to medium fennel
2 Zucchini
2 cucumbers
1/2 lb. bag of basil
2-3 White onions
Approx. 1.5 lb broccoli
Spotty green/yellow beans, 1 lb.
2 Summer squash
Bag of small carrots
Lettuce or salad mix
2 beefsteak tomatoes
3 Kohlrabi
3 lbs. Green beans
3-4 smaller fennel
2 Kohlrabi
1.5 - 2 lbs. Beets
3 Yellow onions
2-3 Summer squash
2 Tomatoes
Yellow beans
1.5 lbs Beets
4 lbs. Green beans
Red cabbage
Swiss chard
Lettuce and/or salad mix
3 cucumbers
Medium green cabbage
2-3 fennel
Pesto box - large bag basil, and 2 bulbs garlic
Summer squash
Yellow doll watermelon
Bell pepper or frying pepper or banana pepper
Large kohlrabi
Small container new potatoes
Zucchini, Costa
Dragon tongue beans
Couple ears sweet corn
Cantaloupe or watermelon
Small quantity new potatoes
Bunch of small beets with tops
2 lbs beets w/o tops
Zucchini, some larger
Green beans or dragon tongue beans
Broccoli or cauliflower
Sweet banana pepper
Frying pepper
8 lb box of Michigan IPM peaches
Beets w/tops
Assorted onions
Red Kuri kabocha squash
Small delicata squashes (3)
Buttercup squash
5 lbs. Paste Tomatoes (San Marzano)
Small red cabbage
3 lb. bag of Asian pears from Dave Bohnhoff orchard
Acorn squash
Broccoli (or cauliflower)
Bell pepper
Delicata squash (1 large or 2)
Mini bok choi
Russet potatoes
3 lb.bag smaller potatoes (Russet or Gold or Red, our choice)
Lunch box or frying peppers
Delicata squash
2nds of beefsteak tomatoes, 10 lbs.
Kabocha squash
Frying peppers
Hakurei turnips w/greens
Mostly green, mostly frying peppers
Kabocha squash or carnival squash
San Marzano tomato (paste)
Butternut squash
Delicata squash (2)
Cauliflower or broccoli
Small butternut squash
Beefsteak or roma or cherry tomatoes
bag of mixed greens
Bell or frying pepper
Bag fingerling potatoes
3 lb. bag of onions
Bag of (stir-fry) mixed greens
Spaghetti squash
Salad mix or head lettuce
Assorted peppers (frying, lunchbox,)
Kimchi package (15# napa, 3# daikon, 3# carrots, 1/2 garlic, lg. bunch scallions, hot peppers)
Carnival Squash
1/2 lb. bag cayenne (hot) peppers
Bag of 10 radishes
Bag of mixed greens or baby kale
Purple potatoes
Bag of radishes
Small delicata squash
Poblano peppers
Small buttercup squash
Radishes, including watermelon
Beefsteak tomato
Purple or red potatoes
Sunshine orange kabocha squash
2.5 lbs small mixed potatoes
Small eggplant (3)
Bag of mixed peppers
Pie pumpkin
Approx. 3 lbs. yellow onions
Bag of assorted hot peppers (poblano, chile)
3 lb. bag of American pears from Dave Bohnhoff orchard
Baby kale mix
Small bag red fingerling/red potatoes
5 lbs. Green tomatoes
Arugula or spinach
Gold potatoes - approx, 3 lbs.
Sweet potatoes, about 3 lbs.
Hakurei turnips
Spinach or salad mix
5 lbs small beets
2 small bunches celery
5 lbs small red potatoes
Red or gold potatoes, about 3 lbs.
Purple Top Turnips
Onions (2 lbs.)
Pint cranberries (James Lake Farm)
10 assorted winter squash (carnival, butternut, kabocha, delicata, etc.)
3.5 lbs Gold potatoes
Whole Chicken
Ground Beef-Marvin Kurtz Amish Farm
Butter-Unsalted Freis Von Kiel
Butter-Salted Freis Von Kiel
5 lbs small sweet potatoes
3 Carnival squash
5 lbs small gold potatoes
6 lbs gold potatoes
2 lbs rutabagas
2 lbs beets
20 lbs Ed James' uncertified organic navel oranges
Small bok choi
2 chickens, Avrom Farm (at least 5.5 lbs)
3 lbs onions
4 lbs carrots
10 dozen organic eggs (Norman Miler Farm)
20 lbs Ed James' uncertified organic grapefruits
2 chickens, Avrom Farm (between 3-4 lbs each)
4 (count) each Ed James' navels and grapefruits
1 lb Freis von Kiel unsalted butter
12 carnival squash
10 lbs Freis von Kiel salted butter
1 lb Freis von Kiel salted butter
4 lbs Marvin Kurtz organic ground beef (2 2-lb plastic tubes)
Pea Shoots
Pea Shoots 2 oz container
Bunched carrots
Dill flowers
Zucchini, Golden
Cherry tomatoes
Carrots, Bunched
Patty Pan Squash
Small cantaloupe or honeydew melon
Roma tomatoes, 5 count
Sweet corn
Either frying or bell pepper
5 Jalapeno peppers
Bag of 5 jalapeno peppers
Jade Star Watermelon
Red potatoes, 4 lbs
Beefsteak tomatoes, 10 lbs.
Lunch box peppers, 1 qt., green though, not colored
10 lbs Beefsteak tomatoes
Heart of gold squash
Colored carrots
Jalapeno peppers
Winter squash
Colored bell/frying peppers
Butternut squash
Cipollini onions
Roma tomatoes
Organic gala apples, 3 lb. bag
Organic Honey crisp apples, 3 lb. bag
Chinese cabbage
Tetsukabuto squash
Golden beets, approx 2 lbs
30 lbs. frozen (organic) blueberries
5 lb. box of frozen (organic) blueberries
Cipollini onions
Honey nut butternut squash
Lettuce mix
Torpedo onions