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Seven Springs Farm is situated in Lorinna, a very pristine area located in the upper Forth River valley, Tasmania, on the outskirts of the Cradle Mountain Lake- St. Clair National Park and World Heritage Area. It is a small mountain community, off the power grid and isolated from the influence of conventional agriculture.

All the produce we supply is grown organically on our farm and at our friends' place in Barrington, a certified organic farm growing predominantly medicinal herbs. Here some of our veggies and cereals are in a rotation with medicinal herbs, sheep and mixed species cover crops all supported by an on-contour(key-line), agro-forestry farm layout. It's absolutely stunning!

We're working on a bio-dynamic bases to support our veggie growing. Aiming for natural fertility building inspired by nature: Sequestering carbon by grazing mixed species pastures and cover-crops. Very regular (often daily) animal moves allowing for maximum soil building, after which we follow with our vegetable, potato and cereal crops.
The cereals and animals are part of the whole farm in a support function to allow us to work in an ever closer loop farm system.
Trees in an ago-forestry- savanna layout further aid in the development and maintenance of high carbon and fungal rich soils.
In increasing parts of the farm the cultivation and tree planting patterns are laid out on 'on-contour lines' (Keyline)
All to the benefit of our farm biodiversity and ultimately tasty and healthy vegetables.
Many other parts of our farm are developing into more and more sustainable and regenerating systems. The growing of our on farm vegetable seeds is for example an exciting growing part. Talk to us at the market or at a member day to share our excitement on 'all things organic, bio dynamic and regenerative'
In the mean time sign up for our veggie shares and follow the seasons throughout the year!

Farm Happenings for December 2, 2023

Posted on November 28th 2023 by Wouter Sels

Hi Everybody, As summer is about to start so are a the snow peas and zucchinis. Our potatoes, carrots and broccoli aren't too far off either and before we know it we'll have too many veggies to choose from! This week's rain has been a great relief for the farm and for the many crops growing here and in Barrington. Some even had their first waterin1 read more »

Herb, Basil
Bok Choy
Brussel Sprouts
Carrot, Bunched
Herb, Dill
Eggplant 0.3kg
Herb, Parsley Italian
Peas, Snow
Peas, Sugar Snap
Spring Onions
Sweet Corn
Turnip, Purple Top, 0.5kg
Salad Mix
Swede 0.5kg
Garden Cress
Chinese Cabbage, Tokyo Bekana
Herb, Coriander
Jerusalem Artichoke
Cime Di Rapa
Beans, Butter/Green
Beans, Broad
Capsicum 0.3kg
Squash, Winter
Cabbage, Sugarloaf
Witlof 0.2kg
Salad Greens
Parsnip, 0.5kg
Mushrooms, Shiitake
Daikon Radish, 0.5kg
Hakurei Salad Turnip
Water Cress
Onion, Spring
Garlic Scapes
Nashi Pear
Herb, Chives
Onion, Red
Collard Greens
Herb, Bay Leaves
Mustard Greens
Potato, Spunta, 1kg
Potato, Dutch Cream, 1kg
Kale, Tuscan
Potato, Carlingford
Carrots, Loose
Beetroot, Bunched
Turnip, Butter, 0.5kg
Cabbage, White
Kale, Curly
Potato, Kipfler
Potato, King Edward, 1kg
Endive, Frisee
Endive, Catalogna
Beetroot, 0.5kg
Endive, Sugarloaf
Tomato, Heirloom
Endive, Radicchio
Tomato, Cherry
Potato, Pontiac, 1kg
Potato, Nicola, 1kg
Potato, Salad Rose
Tat Soi
Potato, Desiree
Onion, Brown, 0.5kg
Cabbage, Savoy
Kale, Red Russian
carrots loose
Carrot, Loose
Onion, White
Herb, Bay Leave
Cabbage, Red
Radish, Black Spanish, 0.5kg
Turnip, Hakurei
Potato, Brakelight
Potato, Pink Fir Apple
Potato, Brownel
Fennel, baby
Red Mizuna
Pumpkin, Jack Be Little
Pumpkin Sugarbaby
Pumpkin, Spaghetti Squash
Pumpkin, Golden Nugget
Hamburg Parsley
Pumpkin, Sugarbaby
Cauliflower, Romanesco
Corn Salad, 0.15kg
Miners Lettuce, 0.15kg
Red Choy
Pumpkin, Grey
Brussel Sprouts Top
Cabbage, brocolinis
Lettuce, head
Herb, Parsley Curly
Endive, Escarole
Chinese Greens
Leek, Baby
Stinging Nettle
Garlic, Green
Herb, Thyme
baby cime di rapa and rocket mix
Jalapeno chili
Pumpkin, 2.5kg
Potato, Dutch Cream, 1kg
Tomato, Cherry, 0.2kg
Onion, Brown, 0.5kg
Tomato, Heirloom, 0.5kg
Tat Soi, 0.15kg
Zucchini, 0.5kg
Carrot, 0.75kg
Jalapeno, Chili, 0.05kg
Salad Mix, 0.15kg
Garlic, 0.1kg
Beans, 0.3kg
Chestnuts, 0.2kg
Eggplant, 0.3kg
Pumpkin, 1.5kg
Pumpkin, 3kg
Pumpkin, 1kg
Shallot, 0.5kg
Carrot, Purple, Baby, 0.5kg
Salsify 0.4kg
Buckshorn Plantain, 0.15kg
herb, Rosemary
Herb, Sage
Herb, Oregano