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About us

Nestled in Clack Canyon in Kingman AZ our farm grows Certified Naturally Grown produce on 1/3 acre. We use practices that nurture our soil and build up our surrounding ecosystem. In 2019 we began partnering with other local and regional farms to provide our community with everything from juicy Arizona citrus to local grass fed beef.

Our farm is about more than providing a box of great tasting vegetables each week. Its about building community through food.

Rosebird Farms delivers local farm fresh products grown right here in Kingman directly to your home. Like having the farmers market brought right to your door, each Harvie Farms box is completely customized to your preferences.

We partner with organic farmers from Northern Arizona, Southern California and the surrounding region including Fort Rock Farms (beef and chicken), Roadrunner Farms (produce), Forestdale Farm (eggs and produce), Sweet Tree (citrus), Underwood Farms (produce), Straus Dairy (milk), The Bearded Baker (bread), Virgin Cheese (cheese), Beezerk Honey (honey), and Picked Today Produce (produce) with more farmers joining us through the season.

Farm Happenings for July 8, 2021

Posted on July 5th 2021 by Andrea McAdow

Hey you! We are so happy to see you again. Please see the below guidelines to our commonly asked questions. Thanks for supporting local! Andrea   Reminders! Please bring your bags for pick up or leave out your coolers on Thursday if you are getting delivery. We recommend a few extra frozen water bottle or ice packs in your delivery coolers... read more »

Bok Choy
Garlic Chives
Green Beans
Curly Kale
French Breakfast Radish
Garlic Scapes
Sweet Potato, 2 lbs
Peppers, Jalapeno
Broccoli Leaves
Turnips, Salad
Balanced Extra Virgin Olive Oil- 8.5oz
Red Cabbage
Cara Cara Oranges
Red Onions
Red Potato, 2.5 lbs
Unsweetened Almond Milk
Dry Black Beans 24 oz
NexVeg Hemp Italian Patties
Organic Cream Top Whole Milk
Whole Chicken
Hodo Soy Tofu 10oz
Dinosaur Kale
Lettuce Mix
Red Radish
Baby Fennel
Baby Arugula
Romaine Lettuce
Yellow Potato 2.5 lbs
Celery Root
Medjool Dates
Red Butter Lettuce
Red Russian Baby Kale
Green Cabbage
3 Chile Olive Oil- 8.5oz
Unsweetened Vanilla Bean Almond Milk
Unsweetened Pistachio Milk
Dark Beezerk Honey Pint
Oyster Mushrooms- 4oz
Lionsmane Mushrooms- 4oz
Summer Peach BBQ Sauce- 16oz
Sweet N' Smoky BBQ Sauce- 16oz
Hi-Tone White BBQ Sauce- 16oz
Sweet Heat Funk Rub- 6oz
Whiskey Lemon Fushion Funk- 6oz
All Purpose Spice N' Rub- 6oz
Peachy Peach Jam- 9oz
Peach Jalapeno Jam- 9oz
Fig Jam- 9oz
Prickly Pear Jam- 9oz
All Purpose Flour- 2lbs
Chickpea Flour- 1.6lb
White Sonora Mini Crackers- 4oz
Za'atar Crackers
Yellow Cornbread Mix- 1lb
Oatmeal- 1.6lb
Purple Barley- 1.3lb
Organic Whole Chocolate Milk
Organic Half & Half
Roasted Garlic Olive Oil- 8.5oz
Organic Fig Balsamic Reduction- 8.5oz
White Balsamic Vinegar- 8.5oz
Artichoke & Roasted Garlic Tapenade- 9oz
Vermouth Garlic Stuffed Olives- 5oz
Jalapeno Mexican Lime Stuffed Olives- 5oz
Habenero From Hell Stuffed Olives- 5oz
Organic Traditional Jack Cheese- 6oz Wedge
Organic Garlic & Herb Jack Cheese- 6oz Wedge
Organic Jalapeno Jack Cheese- 6oz Wedge
Organic Baby Bella Jack Cheese- 6oz Wedge
Organic Smokehouse Jack Cheese- 6oz Wedge
Raw-Milk White Cheddar- 8oz Square
Bella Capra Chevre Goat Cheese- 8oz Pillow
Bella Capra Raw Milk Goat Cheddar- 8oz Square
Organic Farmhouse Cream Cheese- 8oz
Smoked Gouda Vegan Cheese- 5-6oz
Feta Vegan Nut Cheese- 5-6oz
Lemon Dill Vegan Nut Cheese- 5-6oz
Pepper Jack Vegan Nut Cheese- 5-6oz
White Cheddar Vegan Nut Cheese- 5-6oz
Russet Potato, 2.5 lbs
Candy Beets with Greens
Yellow Onion
NexVeg Tepary Southwest Patties
Fort Rock Farms Ground Beef- 2lb Package
NY Strip Steak
Sirlion Steak
Beef Rib Steak
Bone Broth Package
Sedona Red Salsa- 12.5oz
Mohave Mango Salsa- 12.5oz
Habanero Hot Sauce- 12oz
GreenGo Hot Sauce- 12oz
Americano's Classic Peanut Butter- 16oz
Brown Rice- 24oz Bag
Rainbow Popcorn- 2lb Bag
Red Lentils- 24oz Bag
AZT Wild Mesquite Huppy Bar
Coconut Date Ginger Huppy Bar
Chocolate Berry Love Huppy Bar
Organic Roasted, Salted Pistachios- 1 lb
9" Flour Tortillas- 12 pack
Ghost Hot Sauce- 4oz
Whole Milk European Style Yogurt, 16 oz
Organic Whole Plain Greek Yogurt, 32 oz
European Style Cultured Butter, Salted
Organic Maple Syrup, 12 oz
Zutano Avocado
Duck Eggs
Keto Nut Mix, 6 oz
Metro Mix, 6 oz
Naked Mix, 6 oz
Spicy Cashews, 6 oz
Sugar Snap Peas, 1/2 lb
Tomato Plant
Purple Cauliflower
Purple Carrots
Topped Carrots
6" Blue Corn Torillas
Pink Lady Apples, 3 lb
Sugar Plum Tomatoes
Kumquats, 1/2 lb
Black Scorpion Salsa
English Peas, 1/2 lb
Orange Cauliflower
Golden Beets
Napa Cabbage
Fava Beans, 1/2 lb
Frilly Red Mustard
Mild Asian Greens
Purple Curly Kale
Granny Smith Apple
Coffee Beans
Artisan Bread
Gluten Free Pancake Mix
Oat Pancake Mix
Cherry Tomatoes
White Icicle Radish
Quail Eggs
Mixed Herb Bunch
Cinnamon Rolls - 4 pack
Cinnamon Rolls
Bali Blue Krishna Coffee Beans
Summer Squash
Green Bell Pepper
Tomatoes, Hothouse Grown
Balie Blue Krishna Coffee, 1 lb
Pixie Tangerine
Easter Egg Radish
Sungold Cherry Tomato
Navel Orange
Persian Cucumber
Kowboy Kraut, 16 oz
AppleKraut, 16 oz
Dilly Hot Kraut, 16 oz
PowerKraut, 16 oz
Beet Kvass Shot, 2 oz
Beet Kvass, 16 oz
Shishito Peppers
Heirloom Tomato
Japanese Eggplant
Slicing Cucumber
Red Flame Grapes, 1 lb
Mini Cantaloupe
Dapple Dandy Pluot
White Peach
Small Eggplant
Topped Baby Carrots
Green Loose Leaf Cabbage
Green Tomato
Sweet Corn, 3 Pack
Pickling Cucumbers
Heirloom Tomato, Rosebird
Rainbow Carrots
Mixed Cherry Tomatoes
Chard, Whipstone Farm
Mini Watermelon
Sunflower Bunch
Roma Tomato
Saladette Tomato
Dahlia Bunch