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About us

Rise 'N Shine Farm is a certified organic produce farm in Northwest Georgia between Calhoun and Rome. It is currently taking sign ups for its Main Season CSA Program. The Main Season goes from April 22nd through November 15th for a total of 30 weeks. Visit https://risenshineorganicfarm.com/what-we-grow-and-when/ for a list of what we harvest in each season. Items from other farms are not always certified organic such as apples, grits, honey and more.  Our eggs are not certified organic but the hens are pastured and fed a non-GMO diet.  Additionally our onions are not certified organic because viable organic onion seedlings are unavailable but we grow them using the same methods as our certified organic crops.

Farm Happenings for March 30, 2020

Posted on March 28th 2020 by Mitch Lawson

The strawberries are coming! They are maybe a month or so out before starting to trickle in.  We finally have some GREAT sunny days that are drying out the fields nicely.  I've never loved seeing puddles shrink as much as I do now.  I'll be working all weekend getting fields prepped so we can get a lot of plants in the ground before Tuesday's... read more »

Arugula (1/3 pound bag) Organic
Basil, Organic
Beets, Organic
Bell Peppers
Bok Choy, Organic
Broccoli, Organic
Broccoli Rabe, Organic
Brussel Sprouts, Organic
Cabbage, Organic
Melons, Organic
Carrots, Organic
Cauliflower, Organic
Swiss Chard, Organic
Cilantro, Organic
Collard Greens, Organic
Crowder Peas, Organic
Cucumbers, Organic
Edamame Soybeans, Organic
Eggplant, Organic
Garlic, Organic
Green Beans, Organic
Hakurei Turnips, Organic
Kale, Organic
Kohlrabi, Organic
Leeks, Organic
Lettuce, Organic
Lima Beans, Organic
Okra, Organic
Onions, Naturally Grown, Not Organic
Parsley, Organic
Peas, Pink Eye, Organic
Potatoes, Organic
Turnip, Organic
Radishes (D’Avignon or Pink Beauty), Organic
Rutabaga, Organic
Salad Mix (1/3 pound bag), Organic
Baby Spinach (1/3 pound bag), Organic
Strawberries, Organic
Squash, Summer, Organic
Sweet Corn, Organic
Sweet Potato, Organic
Tomato, Organic
Watermelon, Organic
Squash, Winter, Organic
Stir Fry Mix, Organic
1/2 lb of Snow Peas, Organic
Pint of Sun Sugar Cherry Tomatoes, Organic
Honey, Bizzee Bee Farms, Raw, Unfiltered, 12 oz, Not Organic
Eggs, Pastured, Not Organic
Apples, Not Organic
Grits, Riverview Farms 1 lb, Not Organic
Cornmeal, Riverview Farms, 1.25 lb, Not Organic
Strawberry Jam, Not Organic
Sauerkraut, Not Organic
Granola - Oat Nut - Koinonia Farm 1 lb, Not Organic
Mushrooms, Shiitake, 1/3 lb, Certified Naturally Grown, Not Organic
Sunflower Microgreens, Organic
Ground Beef, Grass Finished, Frolona Farm, Not Organic
Ground Sausage, Pastured Pork, Frolona Farm, Not Organic
Bratwurst, 4/pack, Pastured Pork, Frolona Farm, Not Organic
Chorizo, 4/pack, Pastured Pork, Frolona Farm, Not Organic
Italian Sausage, 4/pack, Pastured Pork, Frolona Farm, Not Organic
Polish Sausage, 4/pack, Frolona Farm, Not Organic
Flower Bouquets - Sapelo Farms
Blueberries, Full Pint, Naturally Grown, Not Organic,Sweet Velo Blue Farm
Hot Dogs, Beef, 8/pack, Frolona Farm, Not Organic
Muscadines, Naturally Grown, Not Organic
Chicken Sausage, Pastured, Non GMO, Not Organic
Ground Chicken, Pastured, Non GMO, Not Organic
Chicken Heart, Pastured, Non GMO, Not Organic
Chicken Liver, Pastured, Non GMO, Not Organic
Stew Hen, 2 Plus lbs, Pastured, Non GMO, Not Organic
Chicken Feet, Pastured, Non GMO, Not Organic, 2 lbs
Bird Box, 7 Stew Hens, 2+ lbs each, Not Organic
Apple Cider, 1/2 Gallon, Beech Creek Orchards, Not Organic
Vinegar, Apple Cider 8oz, Beech Creek, Not Organic
Vinegar, Apple Cider 16oz, Beech Creek, Not Organic
Pork Chop, 1 per pack, Pastured Pork, Frolona Farm, 0.6-0.9 lb, Not Organic