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Rise 'N Shine Farm produces pastured, non GMO eggs and certified organic produce in Northwest Georgia between Calhoun and Rome. For more information visit https://risenshinefarm.com/local-farm-box/
Weekly we delivery local farm boxes throughout Northwest Georgia and Metro Atlanta.  They are a mix of our produce and eggs and lots of items from other local producers to meet many of your grocery needs.  Customize your box to get exactly what you want.

Farm Happenings for June 12th Week

Posted on June 8th 2023 by Mitch Lawson

Molly and Mama Dog (aka Missy) out in the flower patch.  The puppies are doing great and I think they are all spoken for.  And we may have found a good home for Missy and Daddy Dog (aka Rufus).   Sweet potatoes are planted, 2 crops of sweet corn in the ground and looking good, onions curing in the barn and garlic will be done s1 read more »

Arugula (1/3 pound bag)
Sweet Peppers
Bok Choy
Broccoli, 1.75 lb
Broccoli Rabe
Brussel Sprouts
Brilliant Melons
Swiss Chard
Collard Greens
Crowder Peas
Edamame Soybeans
Eggplant, italian mix
Green Beans
Hakurei Turnips
Kale,Red Russian
Lettuce, green butterhead
Lima Beans
Peas, Pink Eye, Fresh Shelled
Radishes (D’Avignon or Pink Beauty)
Salad Mix (1/3 pound bag)
Baby Spinach (1/3 pound bag)
Squash, Summer, 1.5 lb, Rise N Shine or Watsonia Farm
Sweet Corn
Sweet Potato
Squash, Winter
Stir Fry Mix
1/2 lb of Snow Peas
Sun Sugar Cherry Tomatoes
Honey, Raw, Unfiltered, 12 oz
Eggs, Pastured, Non GMO
Apples, About 2 lbs
Grits, 1 lb, Non GMO, Riverview Farms
Cornmeal, 1.25 lbs, Non GMO, Riverview Farms
Strawberry Jam, Made with organic sugar, lemon juice and our organic strawberries
Granola - Oat Nut - 12 oz
Pecans, halves, 12 oz
Shiitake Mushrooms, 1/3 lb
Sunflower Microgreens
Ground Beef, 1 lb
Ground Sausage, 1 lb
Bratwurst, 4/pack
Chorizo, Ground
Italian Sausage, 4/pack
Kielbasa Sausage, 4/pack
Flower Bouquet, Flatwoods Farm
Blueberries, Pint
Hot Dogs, Beef, 8/pack, Frolona Farm, Not Organic
Muscadines, Organic, 1 Qt
Chicken Sausage
Ground Chicken, Pastured, Non GMO, Not Organic
Chicken Heart
Chicken Liver
Stew Hen, 2 Plus lbs, Non GMO
Chicken Feet, 2 lbs
Bird Box, 7 Stew Hens, 2+ lbs each
Apple Cider, 1 Gallon
Vinegar, Apple Cider 8oz
Vinegar, Apple Cider 16oz
Pork Chop, 2 per pack, 0.6-0.9 lb, Bone in
Applewood Smoked Gouda, 1/3 lb
Gouda, 1/3 lb
Pepper Jack Cheese, 1/3 lb
Jack and Dill Cheese, 1/3 lb
Farmer's Cheese, 1/3 lb
Jack Cheese, 1/3 lb
Smoky Chipotle Pepper Jack Cheese, 1/3 lb
Creamy Peanut Butter, 12 Oz
Pecan Butter, 12 oz
SUNFLOWER Bakery, Whole White Wheat Bread
Boston Butt, 2.9-3.19 lb
Pork Shoulder Roast, 2.6-3.1 lb
Pig Foot, 2.1-2.5 lb
Peaches, 4
Bacon, 12 oz
Andouille, 4/pack
Blackberries, 6 oz, Naturally Grown, High Cloud Farm
Crunchy Peanut Butter, 12 oz
Almond Butter, 12 oz
Chicken Broth, 1 Quart
Spiced Pear Sausage Links, 4/pack
Whole Hog Sausage, Country Style, 4/pack
Jalapenos, RED, 0.25 lb
Pork Spare Ribs, 1.9-2.25 lb
Pork True Tenderloin, 0.9-1 lb
ROOT Baking, Sourdough Bread
ROOT Baking, Whole Wheat Bread
ROOT Baking, Semolina Bread
ROOT Baking, Olive Sourdough
Spinach Fettuccini, 8 oz
Fettuccini, 8 oz
Flatbread, Salt and Pepper, 3.8 oz
Flatbread, Rosemary, 3.8 oz
Flatbread, Parsley & Oregano, 3.8 oz
Butter, Unsalted, 5 oz
Butter, Roasted Garlic Basil &Parsley 5oz
Butter, Smoked Sea Salt 5 oz
Butter, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Ginger 5 oz
Butter, BBQ (Meat Church Honey Hog Rub) 5 oz
Angry Cukes, Pickles,Sliced 16 oz
Drunken Tomatoes, 16 oz
Mean Green Tomatoes, 16 oz
Chow Chow, 16 oz
Sweet Soulshine, 16 oz
Red Onion Cult, 16 oz
Little Rock Caviar, 16 oz
Creole Mustard, 6 oz
Drunken Mustard,6 oz
Honey Mustard, 6 oz
Relish, Sweet 8 oz
Relish, Pepper 8 oz
Flour, All Purpose 2 lb
Grits, Stone ground 1 lb, Dayspring Farms
Polenta, Stone Ground 1.5 lb
Butter, Sea salt 5 oz
Corn Meal, Stone Ground 1.5 lb , Dayspring Farms
Whole Milk - ONE Gallon
Whole Milk - HALF Gallon
Buttermilk-HALF Gallon
Chocolate Milk-Quart
Odessa, Fromage 8 oz
Chevre Plain 6 oz
Chevre Sundried Tomato 6oz
Chevre Dill 6 oz
Chevre, Pear and Cardamom 6oz
Feta, block, 6 oz
Feta cubed in brine 6 oz
Guatemala Medium Roast Coffee
Costa Rica Medium Light Coffee
Ethiopia Light Roast Coffee
Finca Terrerito Medium Roast Coffee
Whippoorwill Dark Roast Coffee
Rosemary Sea Salt
Rosemary Sea Salt
Mushroom Sea Salt
Lavender Sea Salt
Magic Unicorn Sea Salt
French Picnic Sea Salt
Campfire Sea Salt
Bird Bath Turkey Brine
Rigatoni Pasta, 1 lb
Cumberland, Tomme Style Cheese 1/3 lb
Coppinger, Washed Rind Cheese 1/3 lb
Walden, Soft ripened, 7 oz
Sweet Georgia Blue, 1/3 lb
Chevre, Cranberry with Orange and Lemon Zest, 6 oz
SUNFLOWER Bakery, HIGH FIBER, Multigrain Bread
Cornmeal, 1.25 lbs, Riverview, Non GMO
Radish Microgreens
Butternut Squash
Rutabagas, About 2 lbs
Arugula, 1/3 lb bag,
Apples, Gold Rush, About 2 lbs,
Sweet Potatoes, Orange, 2 lbs
Brussel Sprouts, 0.8 lbs
Carrots, 1 lb
Kale, Lacinato, Rise N Shine or Watsonia Farm
Oyster Mushrooms, 1/3 lb
Hakurei Turnips, Loose, 1 lb
Green Onions
Kale, Lacinato,0.75 lb bag
Apples, Gold Rush, About 2 lbs, not organic, Reece Orchards
Polenta, 1.5 lb, Organic, Dayspring Farm
Sweet Potatoes, Orange , 2 lbs
Flour, All Purpose, 2 lbs, Organic, Dayspring Farm
Butternut Squash, About 3 lbs, Sequatchie Cove Farm, Naturally Grown
Grits, 1 lb, Organic, Dayspring Farm
Dilly Beans, Made with our Organic beans, lacto-fermented
Arugula, 1/3 lb, Tucker Farms, Naturally Grown
Smoked Chicken Pork Belly Sausage Links, 4/pack
Spicy Okra, Pickled
Pork Chops, 2 per pack, 1.1-1.39 lb, Bone In
Okra, Pickled
Boston Butt, 2.7-2.99 lb
Honey, GLASS Jar, 16 oz
Ham Roast, 2.4-2.69 lb
HOT Ground Sausage, 1 lb
Lettuce, Green Leaf, Tucker Farm
Whole Milk - ONE Gallon, discounted 3-16 sell by date
Odessa, soft, spreadable cow's milk cheese, 8 oz
Buttermilk-HALF Gallon, Discounted, 3-17 sell by date
Apples,Fuji,About 2 lbs
Lettuce, Artisan Mix, Tucker Farm
Apples, Fuji, About 2 lbs, Reece Orchards, Not Organic
Lettuce, Red Butter, Tucker Farm, Naturally Grown
Kombucha, Ginger Turmeric, 12 oz
Kombucha, Raspberry, 12 oz
Kombucha, Hibiscus, 12 oz
Kombucha, Passion Fruit, 12 oz
Pork Chops, 2 per pack ,Bone in, 1.7-1.99 lb
Spicy Pickled Okra
Pickled Okra
Ham Roast, Pastured Pork, 2.4-2.69 lb
Dilly Beans
Popcorn, 1 lb, Non GMO
HOT Ground Sausage, Pastured Pork
Pork True Tenderloin, 1.3-1.4 lb
Flower Bouquet, Sapelo Farm
Chicken Broth, 5 Quarts, Pastured Non GMO
Smoked Chicken Pork Belly Saussage, 4/pack, pastured, Riverview Farms
Pork Spare Ribs, 1.9 lb
Sweet GA Blue, Blue Cheese, 1/3 lb
Pork Shoulder Roast, Pastured Pork, 1.9-2.29 lb
Ground Sausage, Pastured Pork
Boston Butt, Pastured Pork,1.7-1.99 lb
Eggs, Case of Flats
Honey, GLASS JAR, 16 oz, Raw, Unfiltered
Beets, Candy Striped, bunches or 1 lb loose
Lettuce, red Romain
Creamy Peanut Butter, Organic
Creamy Peanut Butter, 12 Oz
Candy stripe
Beets, Candy Stripe
Beets, Organic, 1 lb, Loose
Boston Butt, Pastured Pork, 2.1-2.39 lb
Ham Roast, Pastured Pork, 2.1-2.39 lb
Ground Beef, 1 lb, RockHouse Farm, Grassfed
Pork Chop, 2 per pack, 0.85-1 lb, Bone In
Swift and Finch Decaf Coffee
Kale, Green
Kale, Lacinato
Strawberries, JUST an Early Taste
Whole Milk - ONE Gallon, Discounted 4-19 Sell By Date
Whole Milk - One Gallon, discounted 4-19 sell by date
Blueberry Spread, 12 oz
Muscadine Grape Fruit Spread
Dark Chocolate Pecan Bark
Extra Dark Chocolate Pecan Bark
Strawberries, PINT
Swiss Chard, Bunch or 1 lb
Stawberries, QUART
Strawberries, QUART
4 Seed Fiesta Crackers
Veggie Kale Crackers
Rawritos Crackers
Strawberries, FULL FLAT (6 QTS)
Strawberries, 1/2 FLAT (3QTS)
Ham Roast, Pastured Pork, 2.7-2.99
Strawberries, 1/2 FLAT (3 QTS)
Boerewors Sausage
Pastina, 8 oz.
Strawberries QUART
Garlic Scapes
Pork Shoulder Roast, 2.6-2.89 lb
Bok Choy, Medium
Pork Chop, 2 per pack, 1.4-1.69 lb
Pork Chop, 2 per pack, 2.6-2.89 lb, Bone In lb
Sweet Potatoes, small/fingerling, Orange/White mix, 1.5 lbs
Crackers, Original Flavor
Stir Fry Mix, 0.5 lb
Bok Choy, baby
Boston Butt, 1.4-1.69 lb
Radishes, 0.5 lb bag
Lettuce, Green Bibb, Tucker Farm
Mighty Nut Quartet Granola 10 oz
True Blue Granola 10 oz
Good Morning Cranberries Granola 10 oz
Habanero Mango Sausage, 4 pk
Zucchini, 1lb
Boston Butt, 2-2.29 lb
Pork Shoulder, 2.3-2.59 lb
Broccoli, .75 lb
Boston Butt, 3.2-3.49 lb
Pork Chop, 2 per pack, 2.3-2.59 lb
Lettuce, Red butterhead
Lettuce, Green Leaf, Rise N Shine Organic
Pork Shoulder, 3.2-3.49 lb
Pork Chop, 2 per pack, 2.3-2.5 lb
Lettuce, Green or Red Romaine, Rise N Shine, Organic
Flower Bouquet, Dianthus, R and R Secret Farm
Cashew Butter, 12 oz
Pork Shoulder, 1.6-1.89 lb
Broccoli. 1 lb
Lettuce, Red Leaf or Butterhead
Boston Butt, 3.5-3.79 lb
Mixed Flower Bouquet - Farmer's Choice
Summer Squash, 1 lb
Pork Cho, 2 per pack, 2-2.29lb
Peaches, WHITE, 4
Peaches, YELLOW, 4
Zucchini, 1 pack, 2 zucchini, Watsonia Farms
Flowers, Mixed Bouquet
Broccoli, 0.8 lb
Pork Chop,2 per pack, 1.1-1.39 lb
Pork Shoulder, 1.9-2.29 lb
Gourmet Party Mix 1lb.
Yellow Squash, zephyr
Yellow Squash, 1lb. Watsonia Farm
Pork Chop, 2 per pack, 2.9-3.19 lb, Bone In
Pork Shoulder, 2.9-3.19 lb
Summer Squash, 1 lb Signal Mt. Farm
Tomatoes, Heirloom/Hybrid mix, 1 lb
Beets, 1 lb
Cabbage, 1lb
Whole Milk, HALF Gallon, Discounted 6-15 Sell By Date
Cherry Plum 1 quart
Pastina Tubettini
Zucchini, 1 lb
Summer Squash, 1.25 lb, Rise N Shine or Watsonia Farm
Pork Shoulder, 3.8-4.09 lb
Tomatoes, Heirloom/Hybrid Mix, 0.8 lb
Kale, Lacinato, Big Branch Valley Farm
Kohlrabi, 1 lb
Beets, Small, 1 lb
Swiss Chard, 1 lb
Kale Lacinato, Big Branch Valley or Rise N Shine Farm
Pork Chops,2 per pack, 2-2.29 lb, Bone In
Boston Butt, 2.6-2.89 lb
Onions, Yellow, 1 lb
Eggplant, Asian Long, 1 lb
Whole Milk, HALF Gallon Discounted 6-22 Sell By Date
Boston Butt, 2.3-2.59 lb
Patty Pan Squash
Cantaloupe, Mini
Honey Blonde Melon
Honey Dew Melon
Small Tomatoes
Purple Basil
Juliet Plum Tomatoes
Watermelon, Yellow
Pancake Mix
Roma Tomatoes
Roma Tomatoes, 10 lbs
LOW FAT Milk - HALF Gallon
LOW FAT Milk - 1 Gallon
Juliet Plum Tomatoes, 10 lbs
Peas, White Acre Type
10 lbs Tomatoes, Regular type
Tomatoes, Heirloom, 1.5lb, Signal Mt Farm
Tomatoes, Beefsteak
Red Potatoes
Purple Potatoes
German Butterball Potatoes, 1.5 lbs
Cucumbers, pickle
Roma Tomatoes, 1 lb
White Potatoes, 2 lbs
Whole Milk HALF Gallon
Whole Milk ONE Gallon
Buttermilk Half Gallon
Delicata Squash
Peanut Brittle
Lavender Lemonade Kombucha, 16 oz
Blackberry Basil Kombucha, 16 oz
Hibiscus Orange Kombucha, 16 oz
Strawberry Mint Kombucha, 16 oz
Soft White Chettar, Vegan Cheese
Herbed Gauxt Cheeze, Vegan Cheese, 3 oz
Mtn Fresh Chocolate Milk, 1/2 Gallon
Low Fat Milk - Gallon Discounted 10/6 Sell By Date
Roasted Peanuts
Pecans, Hickory Smoked Halves
Hot Sauce, Cultured Traditions
Butter, Lemon Chive5 oz
J&J Private Reserve Habanero Sauce
J&J's Private Reserve Habanero Sauce, 1.7 oz
Green Bell Peppers
Apples, 3, Gala
Kale, Green
Cherry Tomatoes
Vesuvio Pasta
Creste di Gallo Pasta
Fennel Bulb
Sea Island Red Peas, 12 oz
Sweet Potatoes, White, 2 lbs
White Sweet Potatoes, Small/Fingerling 1.5 lbs
Small Garlic, 3 or 4
Butter, Dark Chocolate, 5 oz
Carolina Gold Rice Grits (Middlins) 12 oz
Vegan Crackers
Honeycrisp apples, 3
Granny Smith Apples, 3
Satsumas, 6, About 2 lbs
Italian Peppers, 0.5 lb
Small Eggs
Apples, Crimson Crisp about 2 lbs
Pink Lady Apples, 3
Frozen Blueberries, 1 QT
Navel Oranges, 2
Sea Salt Crackers
Cinnamon Sugar Crackers, Organic Ingredients
Everything Crackers, Organic Ingredients
Cheese Crackers, Organic Ingredients
Rosemary Olive Oil Crackers, Organic Ingredients
Cheese Tortellini
Spinach Fettuccine, 1 lb
Spinach Ravioli, 1 Dozen
Mushroom Ravioli, 1 Dozen
Tomato Linguine, 1 lb
Veggie Character Art Kit
Baby Bok Choy, 0.5 lb
Large Leaf Spinach, 0.4 lb
Sweet Potatoes, 2 lbs, Med Size
Green Tote Bag
Cotton Rise 'N Shine Tote Bag
Rise 'N Shine T Shirt, Small, Short Sleeve
Rise N Shine T Shirt, MEDUM, Short Sleeve
Rise N Shine T Shirt, LARGE, Short Sleeve
Rise N Shine T Shirt, XTRA LARGE, Short Sleeve
Rise N Shine T Shirt, XX Large, Short Sleeve
Turkey Bacon Bites, Dog Treats
Crunchy Peanut Butter Dog Treats
Grain-Free Peanut Butter Dog Treats, 8 oz
Butter, Honey Habanero, 5 oz
Spaghetti, 1 lb
Godetia Flower Bouquets
Waypoint, 8-10oz
Flower Bouquet, Seasonal, Mixed, R and R Secret Farm
Flower Bouquet, Mix seasonal, Rise N Shine Farm
Sun Sugar Cherry Tomatoes
4 PINTS Strawberries
Sugar Snap Peas
Zinnia Bouquets
French filet Beans
Cosmos Bouquet, About 10 stems
Sunflower Bouquet, About 5 stems
eggplant, Rosa Bianca
White Dill bunch, 8-10 stems
Celosia Bunch, 18-20 stems
Gomphrena Bunch 18-20 stems
Blueberries, Half Pint
Red Potatoes
Chocolate Milk, Pint
Mini Flower Bouquet, mix seasonal
Peppers, Bell Ripe
Bulk Pink Eye Peas, 5 lb bag
Bulk White Acre Type Peas, 5 lbs
BULK Okra, 5 lbs
Apples, Gala
Acorn Squash
Small Yellow Onions
Basalmic fig & carmalized onion butter
WayPoint Mini's
Boneless Pork Chops
Sweet Potatoes, JUMBO, Orange, 4 lbs
Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Butter
Rockhouse mild breakfast sausage Links
Snack Peppers, 1 Pint
Mums Bunch, 10-15 stems
Green Tomatoes, 1 lb
German Sausage, 1 lb, 4 links
German Sausage, 1 lb, 4 links
Chorizo, 1 lb, Ground, Rockhouse
Brown Sugar Sausage, 4 links, 1 lb
Fuyu Persimmons, 2
Pimento Cheese
Green Hill Cheese
Lil Moo Garlic and Chive
Thomasville Tomme 0.4-0.6Lb
Asher Blue 0.35- 0.4 LB
Griffin 0.4 - 0.6 Lb
Sweet Italian Sauage Links
Bacon, 0.95-1.25 lb
Meyer Lemons, 2, local but not organic
Lions Mane Mushrooms 1/3 lb
Black pearl Oyster Mushrooms 1/3 lb
Angel Hair Pasta 1 lb
Apples, Pink Lady, About 2 lbs
Mild Italian Sausage
Chestnut Mushrooms 1/3 lb
Georgia Apple Crumb Pie
Southern Pecan Pie
Anita's Country Chocolate Pie
Authentic Florida Key Lime Pie
Jalapeno Cheddar Bread
Frozen Blueberries 1lb
Blue Oyster Mushrooms 1/3lb
Lovely Cheese
Bacon, 1.26-1.55 lb
Cara Cara Oranges, 3
Shiranui Mandarins, ~1.5 lb
Green Kale
Olive Oil, Extra Virgin 250 ml
Olive Oil, Extra Virgin, 500 ml
Olive Oil, Extra Virgin, 50 ml
Hazelnut Butter
Baked Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie
Latticed Red Tart Cherry Pie
Baby Hakurei Turnips, Roots Only, 1 lb
Cyprus Cheese
Valentine's Gift Box Dark Chocolate Pecan Bark
Valentine's Gift Box Extra Dark Chocolate Pecan Bark
Laurel-Aged Charleston Gold Hand Picked Aromatic Rice
Charleston Gold Aromatic Brown Rice
Broccoli Rabe
Carrots, 1 lb
Cabbage, ~2 lbs
Bailey's Irish cream cheesecake pie
Classic Southern buttermilk pie
Arbequina extra virgin Olive oil
1/2 Dozen Mixed Tulips
Mixed Ranunculus Bunch
Bacon, 0.7-.94
Extra dark chocolate Espresso Bean Bark
Basil Linguine
Strawberry Rhubarb Pie
Coconut Custard Pie
Braised Beef Ravioli
GPC Radiatore
Fuego Cheese
Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie
Strawberry Margarita Cheesecake pie
Spring Mini Bouquet
Strawberries, TWO QUARTS
Chocolate Milk, Discounted 5/27 Sell By
Pina colada cheesecake pie
Baked Strawberry Pie
Georgia Blueberry Pie
BULK Green Beans, 10 lbs