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Penn's Corner Farm Alliance is a farmer owned cooperative that was started in 1999. We work with over 30 different small family farms in southwestern PA to provide the best of what's in season to Pittsburgh area restaurants and individuals. We offer a full range of agricultural products, from grassfed beef, pasture raised chickens, to organically grown produce, honey, and much more!

The farms participating in the Butcher Box program include:

Jarosinski Farms, Sarver, PA
Beef, Pork, Chicken
Jarosinski Farms strives to assure a quality hog through a variety of animal husbandry techniques. We raise Old-American heritage hogs, specifically the Duroc hog. These red pigs were first crossed in the early 1800's from farmers in New Jersey. Our Duroc's are raised without antibiotics, steroids, or added hormones. We source a local grain that is GMO-free for the diets of our pigs. Our hogs are happy hogs, spending their days rooting & creating a prime compost in our barn.

Our Angus-Cross steers were raised the way that nature intended: antibiotic & steroid free. We started the calves out on a locally grown grain diet to promote the appropriate marbling in the meat content. Angus cattle reach puberty at a younger age then other breeds of cattle; therefore, we use grain to promote perfect meat development. Our cattle were then finished on a spray-free pasture & grass diet.

Our poultry are raised in portable chicken tractors that are moved daily through lush pasture. The chickens get to enjoy a salad bar of fresh greens and sunshine! The flocks diet is supplement with non-GMO verified grain. Our poultry is always antibiotic and steroid free.

Blackberry Meadows Farm, Natrona Heights, PA
All pigs are raised from piglets to butcher weight on Blackberry Meadows farm, and they enjoy their whole life outdoors rotating through fresh pastures. During the summer, the pigs forage on organic produce and eat a supplement of fermented hay in the winter. You can taste the sunshine and fresh air in every bite. The pigs even help with the rototilling and fertility of the fields and maintaining the edges of our wood lines.

Clarion River Organics, Sligo, PA
Pork, Beef
Our cattle farmers are James and Emanuel Schmucker. The brothers raise their cattle in open organic pasture for an all grass diet supplemented in the winter with organic hay. They've chosen a cross of Limousin and Angus breeds for their ability to turn pure grass into delicious beef. The Schmuckers use no growth hormones or antibiotics. And all of our beef is MSG free. Our farmers are convinced that the grass-fed process of raising cattle is considerably healthier and much more sustainable than the industrial process of raising cattle in feedlots. The industrial process leads to unhealthy conditions for the animals. Large herds packed in tight quarters leads to higher emission and exposure to methane gas, and higher risks of diseases spreading to them and us too! Our farmers do just the opposite. The cattle are raised in small herds and given plenty of land to roam and graze, which ends with healthier animals and, of course, healthier meat.

Pork flavor comes down to three things: breed, diet and quality of life. If you take a great heirloom breed, feed it a diverse natural diet and keep it happy and healthy you'll get the best pork you've ever tasted. That's what you get in a Clarion River Organics pork share. Our hogs are bred and raised on one of our co-op farms. The farm is named Pleasant Valley Swine, and Jonas Schwartz and his family tend to it. Jonas raises heritage breeds, primarily Berkshire. Berkshire pork comes from a heritage breed pig. With a long history that goes back some 300 years in England, this black-and-white pig is highly regarded for juicy, tender, and flavorful pork which is heavily marbled with fat. Berkshire pork is renowned for its richness, texture, marbling, juiciness, tenderness and overall depth of flavor. The hogs are raised in pasture and have access to roots, nuts and grass year round. They are fed non-GMO grain and scraps of our organic produce. Antibiotics are only used in extreme cases, in small doses, and long before the hogs are sent to the butcher so the antibiotics are out of their system. All or our pork contains no MSG or artificial colors or flavors. Be advised, cured hams and bacon do contain nitrates.

Kistaco Farm, Apollo, PA
Pork, Chicken
At Kistaco Farm our hogs and chickens are happy, and spend their days rooting in our pastures. We do not use hormones, steroids or antibiotics. Their feed consists of locally-grown and milled grains and each day we provide lots of fruit and vegetable scraps for them.

Butcher Box Delivery on July 23, 2019

Posted on July 14th 2019 by Jeralyn Beach

Hi everyone ! I hope you have all been enjoying your pasture raised meats from your butcher box over the last month. Just one more week before you receive your next butcher box! I love the variety we had last month and we've got even more in store for you this round. The farms featured in this month's butcher box include: Kistaco Farm in Apollo, PA... read more »

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