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Interested in purchasing a one time farm share for Wednesday September 30th, Thursday October 1st?
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About us

If you are new to Fresh Start Farms, welcome!

We are a collective brand for immigrant and refugee farmers participating in the New American Sustainable Agriculture Program, a program of the Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success. We work alongside new American farmers to bring farm fresh ingredients to your table via neighborhood farm stands, farmers markets, our online Farm Stand, wholesale and through NH Farm to School.

To learn more about our organization as a whole, please visit us at

We have three plots that over 20 farmers use to farm. The New American Farmers Co-Op- made up of 9 different growers- farms at Our Farm on Story Hill in Dunbarton. The Umoja Farmers- made up of 14 growers- farms on Clinton Street and at the St. Paul's School in Concord.

We speak 13 languages, represent 7 countries and grow over 50 different varieties of produce!

Farm Happenings for Sept 30 & Oct 1

Posted on September 25th 2020 by Sarah Wiggins

    *|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|*   Happy fall! This week we saw the first frost on the Concord farm, just a few days before the fall equinox. The frost took out a number of  the Concord farmers' tender crops, like eggplant, basil, and tomatoes,... read more »

Bok Choy
Chinese Cabbage
Collard Greens
Cucumbers, Pickling
Eggplant, Italian
Green Beans
Peppers, Sweet
Brussel Sprouts
Baby Onions-Mixed
Pea Shoots
Fresh Shell Beans
Salad Mix
Spinach, Medium
Paste Tomatoes
Peas, Sugar Snap
Tomatoes, Cherry
Peppers, Hot
Squash, Summer
Husk Cherries
Squash, Winter
Garlic Scapes
Spinach, Large
Squash, Acorn
Squash, Kabocha
Sweet Potato
Hakurei Turnip
Delicata Squash
Eggplant, Asian
Bell Peppers, Green
Bell Peppers, Colored
Peppers, Jalapeno
Peppers, Banana
Peppers, Anaheim
Peppers, Thai
Peppers, Poblano
Basil, Thai
Potatoes, Red
Potatoes, Purple
Salad Mix, Large
Green Tomatoes
Cabbage, Napa
Mustard Greens
Squash Blossoms
Daikon Radish
Fingerling Potato
Celery Leaf
Turnip Greens
Squash, Spaghetti
Superfood Mix Braising Greens
Petite Butternut Squash
Asian Greens
Greenhouse Tomatoes
Cucumbers, Slicing
Red Onions
Eggplant, African
Salad Mix, Medium
Purple Carrots 2 lbs
Chili Garlic Sauce from Our Local Table
Pure Maple Syrup: 1/2 Pint
Maple Cream 1/2 pound
Raw Wildflower Honey: 1/2 pound
Pure Maple Syrup: Mini Jug
Maine Grains Rolled Oats: 1.75 lbs
Wicked Good Pancake Mix from Our Local Table
Yellow Eye Beans: 2 lbs from Green Thumb Farms
Sunfox Farm Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil
Fiddleheads: 8oz.
Macintosh Apples from Ricker Hill Orchards:3 lbs
Russet Potatoes from Brookford Farm: 2 lb. bag
Cage-Free Eggs from Maple Meadow (VT)
Dunk's Mushrooms, Chef's Mix (1/4 lb)
Purple Daikon Radish 2 lb
Red Potatoes 2 lb bag
Romaine Lettuce
Dunk's Mushrooms, Oyster (1/4 lb)
Apple Pie Mix: Macs & Cortland 3 lb bag
Organic Blueberries
North Country Applewood Smoked Bacon
Pineland Farms Grassfed Beef
Blue Mango Veggie Burgers 4ct
Dunk's Mushrooms Lions Mane Coffee
Dunk's Mushrooms Mushroom Jerky
Maine Grains Pastry Flour
Amaranth Greens
Dunk's Mushrooms Chaga Coffee
Brookdale Farms Sweet Cherries
Main Grains Organic Spelt Flour (2.4lb.)
Pineland Farms Sharp Cheddar Cheese (7 oz)
Pineland Farms Smoked Cheddar Cheese (7oz)
Pineland Farms Feta Cheese (8oz)
Vermont Creamery Goat Cheese (4oz)
Organic Heiwa Soy Tofu
North Country Cajun Style Andouille Sausage (1lb)
North Country Kielbasa (1lb)
Grandy Oats Chocolate Chunk Coconola
Butternut Mountain Farm Maple BBQ Sauce
Grandy Oats Original Coconola
Our Local Table Avocado Lime Dressing
Our Local Table Black Bean & Corn Salsa
Brookdale Farms Peaches
Pineland Farms Pepper Jack Cheese (7 oz)
Pineland Farms Baby Swiss Cheese
Maine Strawberries
VT Grown Maple Sausage
Butternut Sweet Maple Mustard 8oz
Vermont Maple Sriracha
Jan's Farmhouse Cranberry Pistachio Crisps
HomeFree Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies: 1.1oz
Maplebrook Farm Burrata: Cream Filled Mozzarella 8oz
Anthony’s Red & Golden Raspberries
Maplebrook Farm Mozzarella (8oz)
Vermont Farmstead Windsordale Blueberry (7oz)
Brookdale Farms Sweet Corn
Fingerling/New Potatoes (3 lb bag)
Monadnock Neopolitan Herb Balsamic Vinegar (200ml)
New Hampshire Herb & Spice Co. Herb Seasoning (Chives, Parsley, Onion Flakes, Garlic)
Monadnock Traditional Balsamic Vinegar (60ml)
Green Thumb Farms Red Kidney Beans (2lb)
Laurel Hill Superb Strawberry Jam (4oz)
Laurel Hill Marvelous Multi-Berry Jam (4oz)
Narragansett Creamery Mozzarella (1lb)
Maine Grains Organic Wheat Berries (2.4lb)
Valicenti "Alla Norma" Sauce with Eggplant & Ricotta Salata
Valicenti Red Gravy Pasta Sauce
Valicenti Pasta Farm Fresh Fettuccine (12oz)
Valicenti Pasta Farm Fresh Garganelli (12oz)
Maple Breakfast Pork Sausage from Vermont Salumi (14oz)
Black River Meats Hot Italian Sausage from VT (12oz)
Black River Meats Sweet Italian Sausage from VT (12oz)
Vermont Farmstead Windsordale Cranberry (7oz)
Plymouth Sage & Herbs Artisan Cheese (8oz) (VT)
Plymouth Garlic Peppercorn Artisan Cheese (8oz) (VT)
Dunk's Mushrooms, Chef's Mix (1/2 lb)
Lauki Squash
Tomato Sauce Kit (4lb tomatoes, garlic, basil, oregano)
Salsa Kit (4lb tomatoes, cilantro, hot peppers, garlic)
Sweet Dumpling Squash
Nepali Barela (tastes like cucumbers!)
Laurel Hill 'Zetz' Red Pepper Jam (4oz)
Laurel Hill Wicked Good Blueberry Jam (4oz)
Laurel Hill Bedford Blackberry Jam (4oz)
Butternut Squash
Large Butternut Squash
Monadnock Basil Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil (60ml)
Monadnock Wild Mushroom & Sage Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil (60ml)
Laundry Paste (concentrate-to-liquid for up to 256 loads)
Hand Soap Paste (Lavender, dissolves to make over 1 gal of liquid hand soap)
Assorted Bees Wrap (set of 3 eco-friendly food wraps)
Assorted Vegan Bees Wrap (set of 3 eco-friendly food wraps)
Davids Toothpaste (spearmint, natural, fluoride free)
Davids Toothpaste (peppermint, natural, fluoride free)
Jan's Farmhouse Salted Almond Crisps
Garuka Bar (granola bar handmade in VT)
Buttermilk Pancake Mix from Ben's Sugar Shack (24oz)
Sweet Potatoes (2 lb bag)
Maine Grains Organic Pearled Farro (2.4lb)
Our Local Table Garlic & Ginger Teriyaki Sauce (12oz)
Ruth's Mustard Original Hot & Sweet (8 oz)
Herb Chevre from VT Butter & Cheese (4oz)