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Great Basin Basket is a multi-farm collaborative Farm Share managed by the Fallon Food Hub cooperative.

The Fallon Food Hub is a bustling educational gathering place, market and distribution center for local farmers and specialty food producers, serving members and surrounding communities.

The Fallon Food Hub is to educate our community about the benefits of eating seasonally and healthfully in order to create a thriving and expanding local food scene resulting in increased opportunities for area producers.

What's Happening April 16,2024

Posted on April 10th 2024 by Ashley Robertson

Howdy Farm Fan's, Today is national Farm animals day and national hug you dog day so give you fury babies some extra cuddles today. Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather working on the yard or prepping the garden.    read more »

Wasabi Arugula - Two Ravens Farm
Basil (4 oz) - Mewaldt's Organics
Red Beets - Veliz Organic Farm
Bok Choy
Purple Cabbage - Pioneer Farms***FALLON, NV***
Specialty Melon
Red Carrots Bunch - Salisha's Delicious
Celery - Pinnacle Farm ***CALIFORNIA***
Chinese Cabbage
Collard Greens - Capay Organic
Cucumbers (1-1.25#) - Desert Farming Initiative***RENO, NV***
Dill Umbels (Pickling Dill) -
Globe Eggplant - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Cranberry Beans (12 oz) - Dwelley Farms ***CALIFORNIA***
Peppers, Sweet
Broccoli Raab
Brussel Sprouts - Creekside
Garlic Bulbs - Desert Farming Initiative***RENO, NV***
Red Russian Kale - Desert Farming Initiative***RENO, NV***
Pea Shoots
Mixed Colored Radishes - Salisha's Delicious
Salad Mix
Mature Leaf Spinach - Lakeside ***CALIFORNIA***
Strawberries - ***CALIFORNIA***
Sugar Snap Peas - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Purple-Topped Turnips - Salisha's Delicious
Cherry Tomatoes - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Sweet Corn
Slicing Tomatoes (1.5#) - Lattin Farms
Pimento Peppers - Pioneer Farms***FALLON, NV***
Spring Onions (3) - Pioneer Farms **FALLON NV***
Mixed Summer Squash (1.5#) -Desert Farming Initiative***RENO, NV***
Sunflower Sprouts - Natural Trading Company
Tomatillos - Lattin Farms*** FALLON, NV***
Small Seedless Watermelon - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Leeks - Pioneer Farm*** FALLON NV***
Rutabaga - Pioneer Farms***FALLON, NV***
Squash, Winter
Salad Greens
Okra - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Rhubarb - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Shallot - Hummingbird
Sweet Potato -Doreva
Hakurei Turnip
Beet Greens
Oregano - Lattin Farm***FALLON, NV***
Beans, Fava
Peas, Snow
Stir Fry Mix
Mixed Leaf Lettuce - Two Ducks Farm
Baby Artichokes
Jerusalem Artichoke
Asiatic Lilies - Pioneer Farms
FUJI Apples - First Fruits
Micro Greens
Green Tomatoes - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Cabbage, Napa
Red Mustard Greens - Salisha's Delicious
Squash Blossoms
Daikon Radish
Raspberries - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Mixed Summer Squash (1.5#) - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Turnip Greens
Freestone Elberta Peaches (1#) - Cherry Dog Orchards***FALLON, NV***
Spaghetti Squash - Pioneer Farms***FALLON, NV***
Black Grapes (20 oz+) - Boggeri Farms *** California ***
Spicy Cooking Greens - Two Ravens Farm
Sunchoke - Coke Farms
Hakurei Turnips - Desert Farming Initiative***RENO, NV***
Rainier Cherries - Cherry Dog Orchards***FALLON, NV***
Squash, Butternut
Yukina Savoy - Salisha's Delicious
Garlic Greens
Red Florence Onions (5) - Fisk Farms
French Tarragon
Pumpkin Bread - Lattin Farms *** FALLON NV***
Apricots -
Pluots - Boggeri Farms
Squash, Acorn
Squash, Kabocha
Honey Nut Squash (2CT) - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Delicata Squash (2CT) - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Eggplant (1-1.25#) -Desert Farming Initiative***RENO, NV***
Bell Peppers, Green
Bell Peppers - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Jalapeno Peppers - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Banana Peppers - Pioneer Farms***FALLON, NV***
Peppers, Anaheim
Peppers, Poblano
Thai Basil (2 oz) - Desert Farming Initiative***RENO, NV***
Red Potatoes - Desert Gem *** California ***
Potatoes, Purple
Water Spinach
Spicy Salad Greens
Fingerling Potato
Dandelion Greens - Something Good
Anise Hyssop
Edible Flowers
Squash, Buttercup
LIVE PLANT Summer Savory Starter - Bijou's Bloom***FALLON, NV***
Whole Chicken
Tomatoes, Heirloom
Shishito Peppers - Pioneer Farms **FALLON, NV***
Lemon Balm
Honeydew Melon - Desert Farming Initiative***RENO, NV***
Sarah's Choice Cantaloupe - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Carnivore Club
Whole Chicken Cut in 4
English Peas
Asparagus (12 oz) - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Spinach - Desert Farming Initiative***RENO, NV***
Green Garlic - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Baby Arugula - Desert Farming Initiative***RENO, NV***
Baby Artichokes (3 ct) - PlantLove Homestead
Napa Cabbage - Salisha's Delicious
Mixed Leaf Kale - Salisha's Delicious
Swiss Chard - Salisha's Delicious
Desert Farming Initiative***RENO, NV***DFI***RENO, NV***
Sunchokes - Mewaldt's Organics
Red Beets - Lakeside Farm **California**
Gold Beets Bunch - Terra Firma
Broccoli - Coke Farm
Collard Greens - Something Good Given
Baby Rainbow Carrots - Heirloom Organics
English Peas - Durst Farms **California**
Bok Choy - Lakeside *CAL*
Sugar Snap Peas - Luna's Farm **California**
Red Radishes - Veliz Farms **California**
White Russian Kale - Desert Farming Initiative***RENO, NV***
Redbor Kale - Tomatero Farm **California**
Speckled Romaine Leaf Lettuce - Salisha's Delicious
Oregano - Salisha's Delicious
Dandelion Greens - Coke Farm
Triple Chocolate Bread - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Mint - PlantLove Homestead
Thyme - Salisha's Delicious
Chocolate Nut Bread - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Zucchini Bread - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Sage - Salisha's Delicious
Desert Farming Initiative***RENO, NV***Desert Farming Initiative
Mint - Salisha's Delicious
Giant Italian Parsley - DFI***RENO, NV***
Garden Sage - Desert Farming Initiative
Whole Chicken (4.5 - 5#) - Kennedy Ranch
Duck Eggs (
Turkey Eggs (6 ct) - PlantLove Homestead
Chicken Eggs - Cherry Dog Orchards***FALLON, NV***
ARRIBA Blend Coffee (12 oz) - Telegraph Coffee
Broccoli - Pioneer Farms ***FALLON NV***
Mixed Leaf Lettuce - Salisha's Delicious
Duck Eggs (6 ct) - PlantLove Homestead
EGGS Chicken - Bijou's Boom***FALLON, NV***
Dill - Salisha's Delicious
Spinach - Fisk Farms
Beet Greens - Salisha's Delicious
Green Leaf Lettuce - Blue Heron Farm *** California ***
Cilantro - Fisk Farm
Lovage - Desert Farming Initiative***RENO, NV***
Artichokes - Lakeside
Garnet Sweet Potatoes - Morning Glory/Thomas Farm
Lovage - Fisk Farms
Red Leaf Lettuce - Blue Heron Farm *** California ***
Cremini Mushrooms (8 oz) - Monterey Mushrooms *** California ***
Carrots - Desert Farming Initiative***RENO, NV***
Bunch Carrots - Something Good Given***CAL***
Spinach - Fisk Farm
Pumpkin Nut Bread - Lattin Farms *** FALLON NV***
Magenta Salanova Lettuce - Desert Farming Initiative
Green Romaine DFI
Zucchini Chocolate Bread - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Chocolate Raspberry Bread - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Turnip Greens - Salisha's Delicious
Collard Greens - Desert Farming Initiative***RENO, NV***
Kohlrabi - Pioneer Farms***FALLON, NV***
Genovese Basil - Desert Farming Initiative***RENO, NV***
Escarole - Lakeside Farm ***California***
Lemon Raspberry Bread - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Green Leaf Lettuce - Pinnacle Farm ***California***
Red Leaf Lettuce - Pinnacle Farm ***California***
Purple Mustard Greens - Salisha's Delicious
Rainbow Chard -True HArvest
Green Beans -
Yellow Potatoes - Natures Pride
Lemon Lavender Bread - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
French Breakfast Radishes - Coke Farm ***California***
Lemon Poppyseed Bread - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Costa Rica Candelaria Coffee (12 oz) - Telegraph Coffee
Rosemary - Salisha's Delicious
Red Radishes - Cal-O
Bunch Carrots - Sunrise Organics
Sugar Snap Peas - Coke Farm
Green Cabbage - Pioneer Farms ***FALLON NV***
Red Radishes - Desert Farming Initiative***RENO, NV***
Jewel Sweet Potatoes (2 lb) - Thomas Farm ***California***
Swiss Chard -Desert Farming Initiative***RENO, NV***
Vivid Choy - Salisha's Delicious
Pak Choi - Salisha's Delicious
Banana Chocolate Chip Bread - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Banana Nut Bread - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Banana Bread - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Red Leaf Amaranth - Salisha's Delicious
Fennel - Pioneer Farms ***FALLON NV ***
Tarragon - Lattin Farm***FALLON, NV***
Spinach - Salisha's Delicious
Red Beets - Desert Farming Initiative***RENO, NV***
Mint - Lattin Farm***FALLON,NV***
Yellow Peaches
Artichokes (2 ct)
Yellow Potatoes (2 ct) - Top Brass Farm ***California***
Romanesco - Organic Treat
Cantaloupe Nut Bread - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Cantaloupe White Chocolate Chip Bread - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Cantaloupe Bread - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV****
Rocket Arugula - Two Ravens Farm
Sumatra Aceh French 12OZ. WHOLE BEAN - Telegraph***Fallon, NV***
Artichokes (2 ct) - JAS Family Farms ***California***
Large Yellow Potatoes (2 ct) - Top Brass ***California***
Strawberries (1#) - Coke Farms
Zucchini (1.5#) - Desert Farming Initiative
Green Romaine Lettuce - Pinnacle Farm ***California***
Bunch Mature Spinach - Lakeside *** California ***
Bunch Purple Carrots - Desert Farming Initiative***RENO, NV***
Daikon Radish - Desert Farming Initiative***RENO, NV***
Red Potatoes (2#) - Desert Gem *** California ***
Red Spring Onions (2 ea) - Desert Farming Initiative***RENO, NV***
Purple Cauliflower - Pioneer Farms***FALLON, NV.***
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread - Lattin Farms ***FALLON NV***
Slicing Tomatoes (1.00-1.25#) - Desert Farming Initiative***RENO, NV***
Valencia Oranges (2#) - Buck Brand ***CALIFORNIA***
Cippolini Onions - Pioneer Farms ***FALLON NV***
Red Torpedo Onions - Pioneer Farms***Fallon, NV***
Farm Bouquet - Yellow Petal Flower Farms***FALLON, NV***
Zinnia Bouquet - Yellow Petal Flower Farm
Brazil Eagle Coffee (12 oz) - Telegraph Coffee
Mixed Onions - Pioneer Farms***FALLON, NV***
Pioneer Cantaloupe - Pioneer Farms***FALLON, NV***
Lone Pine Chileno Peppers - Pioneer Farms***FALLON, NV***
Armenian Cucumber - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Sugar Cube Cantaloupe - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Mickie Lee Watermelon (medium) - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Cucumbers - Pioneer Farms***FALLON, NV***
Mixed Yellow Peppers - Pioneer Farms***FALLON, NV***
Zucchini Nut Bread - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Guatemala El Regalito Coffee (12 oz) - Telegraph Coffee
Assorted Plums (1#) - Cherry Dog Orchards***FALLON, NV***
Spicy Pepper Mix (PT)- Two Ravens Farm
Slicing Cucumbers - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Lunchbox Peppers - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Small Wonder Squash - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Green Thompson Seedless Grapes (1#) - Cherry Dog Orchards***FALLON, NV***
Green Princess Grapes (20+ oz) - Boggeri Farms
WHOLE BEAN Telegraph Blend - 12oz Fallon, NV
Zinnia Bouquet - Pioneer Farms***FALLON, NV***
(Decorative)Baby Bear Pumpkin - Pioneer Farms***FALLON, NV***
Mixed Green & Purple Beans - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Red Beets - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Acorn Squash - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Stripetti Squash - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Pie Pumpkin - Lattin Farm***FALLON, NV***
Red Grapes - Boggeri Farms
Brulee Squash (2CT) - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Chocolate Nut Bread - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Farm House French Coffee (12 oz) - Telegraph Coffee
Slicing Tomatoes (1.5#) - Pioneer Farms
Heirloom Tomatoes - Pioneer Farms***FALLON, NV.***
Autumn Frost Squash - Pioneer Farms***FALLON, NV***
Butternut Squash (large) - Pioneer Farms***FALLON, NV***
Elephant Heart Plums - Boggeri Farms
Emerald Beaut Plums - Boggeri Farms
Flavor Heart Pluots - Boggeri Farms
Crimson Red Grapes - Boggeri Farms
Summer Royal Grapes - Boggeri Farms
Ruby Red Grapes - Boggeri Farms
Large Spicy Pepper Mix (8 cups) - Two Ravens Farm
Sweet Dumpling Squash (2 ct) - Pioneer Farms***FALLON, NV***
Futsu Squash - Pioneer Farms***FALLON, NV***
Ethiopia Dur Feres Coffee 12OZ. WHOLE BEAN - Telegraph***Fallon, NV***
Assorted Tomatoes (24 oz) - Four Ducks Farm
Mustard Greens - Two Ravens Farm
Honey Orange Almonds (8 oz)- Boggeri Farms
Yellow Watermelon - Pioneer Farms***FALLON, NV***
Fuji Apples (2 #) - Viva Tierra Farm ***California***
Bunched Red Beets - CAL-O
Brussel Sprouts - Wild Rose Farms ***CALIFORNIA***
Cauliflower -
Escarole - Coke Farms ***California***
Kiwi - Wild River Farm ***California****
Leeks - Lakeside***California***
Red Leaf Lettuce -Veliz ***California***
Yellow Onions- Peri & Sons
Red Potatoes - Natures Pride
Celery Root - Coke Farms *** CAlifornia***
Purple Top Turnip- Coke Farm
Baby Spinach- Salad Farm ***CAlifornia***
Sweet Potatoes-Dereva Farm *** California***
Celery - Josie's ***California***
Kenya gakuyuini Coffee (12oz) 'Telegraph Coffee
Guatamala Los Dos Socios (12oz) -Telegraph coffee
Kabocha Squash (large) - Dexter Farms
Autumn Frost Squash - Dexter Farms
Romaine Lettuce--Speckled- Sunrise Organic Farms*** California***
Avocado- -Eco Farms **** California
Gold Beets (no greens)
Broccoli Baby Bunch-Coke Farms*** California***
Celery- Organic Treat
Grapefruit Ruby- B&J Ranch
Blood Orange-Fruit World
Tangerine Minneola- Docs Organic***California***
Fennel - Pioneer Farm
Dandelion Greens (Red Bib) - Something Good***CAlifornia***
Kale - Capay Organics ***California***
Lettuce Greenleaf- Capay Organic
Red Onion - Peri & Sons
Yellow Bakers Potato-Natures Pride
Beet Chioggia NO GREENS- Heirloom Organics
Carrot - Rundle
Carrot Bunch - Rundle
Cara Cara Naval Oranges - Choice
Tangerine Royal Mandarin - B & J Ranch
Fennel - RUNDLE
Green Chard Bunch -CAL-O
Collard Greens - Springfresh Farm
Dino Kale - CAL-O
Purple Kale - CAL-O
Pear D'ANJOU - Colombia Gorge
Russet Potato - Natures Pride
Sweet Potato Jewel - Dovera
Romanesco Broccoli
Artichokes A & A Organics
Carrot Bunch - Sunrise Organics
Meyer Lemon - Coke Farm
Blood Orange Jumbo - Twin Girls
Baby Arugula - Jayleaf Specialties
Spring Mix - The Salad Farm
Red Chard - Sun Valley Farms
Romaine Lettuce - CAL-O
Shallot - Christopher Ranch
Red D'ANJOU Pear - Bridges
Radish Black Spanish - Coke Farm
White Daikon - Cal-O
Telegraph French 12 oz Whole Bean
Middlegate Blend 12OZ. WHOLE BEAN - Telegraph***Fallon, NV***
Colombia Cattelya 12OZ. WHOLE BEAN - Telegraph Coffee***Fallon, NV***
Rosemary - Lattin Farm***FALLON, NV***
Spotted Hound Squash - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Medley Potato- Natures Bounty
Bok Choy - Riverdog
Celery - Coke Farm
Naval Orange - Cousins H&R
Mustard greens bunch - Cal O
Red Butter Lettuce - CAL-O
White Onion - Peri & Sons
Bosc Pear - Bridges Produce
Watermelon Daikon Radish - Coke Farm
Parsnip - Lakeside
Alfalfa Sprouts - Banner Mountain Sprouts
Mung Bean Sprounts - Salad Cosmo
Valencia Oranges B & J Ranch
Baby Kale - The Salad Farm
Baby Spinach - Jayleaf Specialties (8 oz bag)
Zesty Blend Sprouts - Banner Mountain Sprouts
WHOLE BEAN Famous Fallon French - 12oz Fallon, NV
Chief Select Blend (12 oz)
Gala Apples- First Fruits
Artichokes (2 ct) Rodoni
Cauliflower - Rundle
Baby Kale LACINATO - JAyleaf
Green onions - CAL-O
Cocktail Grapefruit - B&J Farm
Red Beets Bunch - Tomatero Farm
Cilantro - Coke Farm
Spinach Bunch - Cal-O
Apple GRANNY SMITH - Daisy Girls Organics
Bok Choy - Cal-O
Sweet Salad Mix - Jayleaf
Fennel - Coke Farm
Green Kale - Coke Farm
Pea Shoots - Natural Trading Co
Duck Eggs - Mother Flokker Furry Patch
Leafy Tokyo Bekana Cabbage - Pioneer Farm***FALLON, NV***
Bunch Easter Radish - Pioneer Farm***FALLON, NV***
LIVE PLANT Dill Starter - Bijou's Bloom***FALLON, NV***
Red Beet - Coke Farm
Blood Orange- Eco Farm
Cilantro - Cal-O
Leek - Ralph's
Basil Starter- Bijous Bloom***FALLON, NV***
Chamomile - Bijous Bloom
LIVE PLANT Fennel Starter - Bijou's Bloom***FALLON , NV***
Naval Orange - Buck Brand
Redleaf Lettuce - Oceanside
Grapefruit Rio Red - B & J Ranch
Kale - Pioneer Farm *** FALLON, NV***
Tangerine - Wild River
Mixed Bean Snack - Banner Mountain Sprouts
Thyme Starter - Bijous Bloom***FALLON, NV***
Mint Starter - Bijous Bloom
Fresh Cut Daffodils Large Bouquet - Bijou's Bloom***FALLON, NV***
Mixed Lettuce - Pioneer Farm***FALLON, NV***
Arugula - Pioneer Farm***FALLON, NV***
Baby Chard - DFI
Baby Spinach - Desert Farming Initiative***RENO, NV***
Bok Choy(2ct) - Desert Farming Initiative***RENO, NV***
Fuji Apple - Cascade Crest
Sweet Potato Garnet - Dovera
Fresh Cut Daffodil Small Bouquet - Bijou's Bloom***FALLON, NV***
Spring garlic - Desert Farming Initiative***RENO, NV***
Broccoli - Capay Organic
Rainbow Carrot Bunch
Fennel -Sunrise o
LIVE PLANT Lemongrass Starter - Bijou's Bloom***FALLON, NV***
LIVE PLANT Cilantro Starter - Bijou's Bloom***FALLON, NV***
Pink Lady Apple - Viva Tierra
Fava Bean - Coke Farm
NO GREENS Red Beets - Heirloom Organic
Lemon Blueberry Bread - Lattin FarmS***FALLON, NV***
Head of Napa Cabbage - Pioneer Farm***FALLON, NV***
LIVE PLANT Parsley Starter - Bijou's Bloom***FALLON, NV***
Telegraph Whole Bean Coffee 12oz Honduras Zopilote
Colombia Cattelya 12OZ. GROUND - Telegraph Coffee***Fallon, NV***
Blueberries - Homegrown Organics
Lemon - Pauma Valley
Yellow Onion
Green Curly Kale - Desert Farming Initiative***RENO, NV***
Beets Bunch- Sunrise O
Hass Avocado - Eco Farms
Rainbow Chard Baby - Desert Farming Initiative***RENO, NV***
Green Onion - Fisk FArm
Pac Choi - Fisk Farm
Garden Sage - Fisk Farm
Thyme - Fisk Farm
Spring Flame Peach - Valley Pride
Farm Town Blend 12 oz Whole Bean Coffee - Telegraph
GO GREENWAVE Blend 120z Whole Bean Coffee - Telegraph
Garlic Scapes - Rau
Mixed Baby lettuce - Desert Farming Initiative***RENO, NV***
Mini Romaine - Desert Farming Initiative***RENO, NV***
LIVE PLANT Edible Flower Starter- Bijou's Bloom***FALLON, NV***
Peach Princess Time - Valley Pride
Cucumber - Tomatero
Pluot - Wild River
Chives - Lattin Farm***FALLON, NV***
Sage - Lattin Farm***FALLON, NV***
Tangerine Tango -
Shishito Pepper - Coke Farm
Zucchini -Tomatero
Apple JAZZ
Apricot Golden Sweet - Blossom Hill
Plum Black - Fruit Fairy Farms
White Nectarines ** Boggeri Farms** CAL
White Freestone Peach ** Boggeri Farms**
Spanish Roja Garlic Bulb *** Rau FALLON NV***
French Beans * Dwelly Farms * CAL*
Yellow Onion (2CT) - Lattin Farms *** FALLON NV***
Purple Cauliflower - True Harvest *** CAL***
Shishito pepper - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV ***
Basil - Lattin Farm ** FALLON, NV***
Lavender - Lattin Farm ***FALLON ,NV***
Nectarines - Valley Pride *CAL*
Pear Bartlett - Viva Farms *CAL*
FARM Bouquet -Bijou's Bloom***FALLON, NV***
LIVE PLANT Oregano Starter - Bijou's Bloom***FALLON, NV***
Ethiopia Fikire Majo 12 oz Whole Bean Coffee *TELEGRAPH FALLON, NV*
Vietnam Lotus 12oz WHOLE BEAN Coffee *TELEGRAPH FALLON, NV*
Gooseberries - ***CAL***
Cucumbers - Dexter Farms *FALLON, NV***
Purple Cherokee Tomatoes - Lattin Farms ***FALLON, NV***
Eggplant - Lattin Farm ***FALLON, NV***
Garlic - Christopher Ranch
*THOMPSON*Green Seedless Grapes - Fruit World***CAL***
*FLAME*Red Seedless Grapes - Capay Canyon***CAL***
Iceberg Lettuce -
Okra - Veggie Life Farms
Mixed Heirloom Tomato- Desert Farming Initiative***RENO, NV***
Golden Cayenne - Pioneer Farm***FALLON, NV***
White Peach - Valley Pride***CAL***
Asian Pear - Earthseed***CAL***
Mixed Summer Squash -Dexter Farms***FALLON, NV***
Corn (3CT) - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Bunching Onion - Desert Farming Initiative***RENO, NV***
Cold Brew Blend 12oz Whole Bean - Telegraph Coffee***FALLON, NV***
Serrano Hot Peppers - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Mixed Peppers - Pioneer Farms***FALLON, NV***
Red Potatoes - Bouchey
Butternut Squash - Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
LIVE PLANT Brussel Sprout Starter - Bijous Bloom***FALLON, NV***
Dill - Coke***CAL***
Almond Poppyseed Bread Lattin Farms***FALLON, NV***
Apple Pie Chai
Red Beets(no greens)
Bok Choy - Cal-O
NAPA Cabbage - Coke Farm***CALIFORNIA***
Carrot Bunch - Something Good
Navel Orange - Heath Ranch***CALIFORNIA***
Fennel - CAL-O
Rainbow Chard - Coke Farm
Avocado BACON***CAL***
LIVE PLANT Gourmet Lettuce Blend Starter - Bijous Bloom***FALLON, NV***
LIVE PLANT Spinach Starter - Bijous Bloom***FALLON, NV***
LIVE PLANT Cabbage - Bijous Bloom***FALLON, NV***
LADY ALICE Apples - Rainier***WA***
SAVOY Cabbage - Riverdog
ITALIAN Parsley - Veliz Organic Farn
Green Butter Lettuce - Cal-O
HoneyCrisp Apples - First Fruits
Minty Mermaid Tea - Great Basin Apothecary***Fallon, NV***
GROUND Telegraph Blend - 12oz Fallon, NV
GROUND Famous Fallon French - 12oz Fallon, NV
LIVE PLANT Globe Artichoke Starter- Bijou's Bloom***FALLON, NV***
LIVE PLANT Broccoli Starter- Bijou's Bloom***FALLON, NV***
LIVE PLANT Bok Choy Starter - Bijous Bloom***FALLON, NV***
RED Cabbage -
Yellow Ginger - Christopher Ranch
Asian Greens - DFI***RENO, NV***
Pink Lady Apples***Washington***
Chives - Jacobs Farm
Dill Bunch - Bay Area Herbs
Rosemary Bunch - Bay Area Herbs
Sumatra Aceh French 12OZ. GROUND - Telegraph***Fallon, NV***
Peach Rosette Tea - Great Basin Apothecary***Fallon, NV***
Little Gem RED Lettuce - Tomatero
Basil - Bay Area Herbs
Thyme - Jacobs Farm
Gala Apples
Dino Kale - DFI***Reno, NV***
Chives - DFI***Reno, NV***
Mixed Asian Greens - Pioneer Farm***Fallon, NV***
Dill - Pioneer Farm***FALLON, NV***
Hampton Red Lettuce HEAD - DFI***RENO, NV***
Brentwood Baby Lettuce Mix - DFI***RENO, NV***
Green Onion - DFI***RENO, NV***
Crimson Sweet Watermelon LIVE PLANT - Bijous Bloom***FALLON, NV***
Middlegate Blend 12OZ. GROUND - Telegraph***Fallon, NV***
Ethiopia Dur Feres Coffee 12OZ. GROUND - Telegraph***Fallon, NV***
Pink Chill Tea - Great Basin Apothecary***Fallon, NV***
Bekana Cabbage WHOLE - Pioneer Farm***FALLON, NV***
Purple Kale - Pioneer Farm***FALLON, NV***
Curly Kale - Pioneer Farm***FALLON, NV***
Lime - Beck Grove
Zucchini - Pioneer Farms***FALLON, NV***
Sugar Snap Pea - DFI***RENO, NV***
BING Cherry -
English Cucumber - Pioneer Farm***FALLON, NV***
CANDY SNAP Grapes- Anthony Vineyards
Radish Bunch - Lattin Farm***FALLON, NV***
Anaheim Pepper
Carrot Bunch - Lattin Farm***FALLON, NV***
Jalapeno Peppers - DFI***RENO, NV***
Peru Swiss Water DEFAF GROUND - Telegraph Coffee***FALLON, NV***
Peru Swiss Water DEFAF WHOLE BEAN - Telegraph Coffee***FALLON, NV***
SWEET Yellow Onion - Peri & Sons
Red Onion MED - Rundle
HIROMI Red Plum - Valley Pride
Lemon Cucumber - Lattin Farm***FALLON, NV***
Beefsteak Tomato - Lattin Farm***FALLON, NV***
Spring Mix - Lattin Farm***FALLON, NV***
Turnips - Lattin Farm***FALLON, NV***
Blackberry - Star Canyon
CHAMPAGNE Seedless Grapes - Three Sisters
Princess Green Grapes - Boggeri Farm
FLAVOR GEM Pluot - Twin Girls
Green Bell Peppers - Shady Acres***FALLON, NV***
Banana Peppers - Shady Acres***FALLON, NV***
Yellow Squash - Shady Acres***FALLON, NV***
Zucchini - Shady Acres***FALLON, NV***
Mixed Peppers - Shady Acres***FALLON, NV***
Turnips - Shady Acres***FALLON, NV***
SANTA ROSA Plums - Shady Acres***FALLON, NV***
GROUND Nicaragua Red Cherry Project
Nicaragua Red Cherry Project - 12OZ WHOLE BEAN
Mexican Nayarit
Mexican Nayarit
Lemon Cucumber - Shady Acres***FALLON, NV***
Green Beans - Shady Acres***FALLON, NV***
Rainbow Fingering Potato - Cal-O
Slicing Cucumbers - Shading Acres***Fallon, NV***
Roma Tomatoes - Shady Acres***Fallon, NV***
Cherry Sungold Tomato - Veliz Organics
Dill Flowerhead Bunch - Shady Acres***FALLON, NV***
Earl of Provence
Green Cabbage - CAL-0
Red Cabbage - CAL-O
Jasmine Microlot 120z WHOLE BEAN - Telegraph***Fallon, NV***
Pear Microlot 12 OZ WHOLE BEAN - Telegraph***Fallon, NV***
Mammoth Tangerine - California
RED Spring Onions - Coke Farms -
Ethiopian Alye Majo 12oz WHOLE BEAN Telegraph***Fallon,NV***
Spring Garlic - ***LATTIN FARMS FALLON, NV***
Pea SNOW PURPLE - Coke Farm
Brazil Carmo De Minas 12oz WHOLE BEAN- Telegraph***Fallon,NV***