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About us

Earth First Farms is a certified organic fruit farm in the rolling hills of SW Michigan. Our family owned and operated farm includes nearly 100 acres of apples, blueberries, strawberries, peaches, melons, watermelons. We also grow tomatoes, summer squash, winter squash and more. All of our farms are certified organic by Oregon Tilth. Located 100 miles from Chicago, we operate a popular organic fruit CSA, sell at local farm markets and provide our produce and farm products through our upick operation.

Farm Happenings for July 29, 2020

Posted on July 21st 2020 by Tom Rosenfeld

As you may have seen in my email earlier tonight, we unfortunately have to postpone your pick up till next Wednesday, July 29th.  In the meantime, I am opening back up your customization period to allow for any last minute changes you may need to make. Customization will be open until Sunday, July 26th at 5pm.  We are also adding a credit... read more »

Eggplant, Italian
Peppers, Bell Pepper Mix
Paste Tomatoes
Strawberries - Flat (8 quarts)
Tomatoes, Cherry
Tomato, Slicing
Peppers, Hot Mix
Squash, Summer
Watermelon (3-5 lbs size)
Squash, Winter Mix
Squash, Acorn
Squash, Kabocha
Apple Cider - 1 gallon
Squash, Butternut
Squash, Delicata
Pumpkin, Carving
Peppers, Jalapeno
Flowers - Zinnia
Apples - 10# bag
Strawberry Jam
Green Tomatoes
Frozen Apple Pie
Frozen Apple Cider - 1 Gallon
Wildflower Honey
Wildflower Honey, Crystalized - 5 Gallons
Mediterranean Greek Yogurt
Goat Cheese, 3oz.