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The Dickinson College Farm is an eighty-acre, USDA-certified organic farm and a living laboratory where students can gain distinctive, hands-on learning experiences. Student employees, graduate apprentices and volunteers are involved in all aspects of food production and research. The farm serves as a venue for the Dickinson community and its neighbors to experience a holistic approach to land stewardship rooted in management practices that work to sustain the natural environment.

Farm Happenings for June 13, 2023

Posted on June 9th 2023 by Alex Smith

Hello CSA members, It has been another busy and productive week here on the farm. Students and apprentices braved the haze and planted our crop of sweet potatoes and winter squash. We also pulled a ton of weeds this week. As they have been for weeks now, the irrigation crew has been working nonstop to keep our crops happy. I took the attached pict1 read more »

Bell Peppers, Green
Bok Choy
Brussel Sprouts
Cabbage, Napa
Collard Greens
Daikon Radish
Edamame Soybeans
Eggplant, Italian
Garlic Scapes
Green Beans
Peas, Sugar Snap
Peppers, Hot
Salad Mix
Squash, Butternut
Squash, Summer
Squash, Winter
Sweet Corn
Sweet Potato
Tomatoes, Cherry
Braising Greens
Beef Jerky
Bagged Frozen Cauliflower Rice, 4 cups
8 oz Hot Sauce
24 oz Zucchini Pickles
16 oz Dill Pickles
16 oz Zucchini Pickles
Frozen Soup: Bell Pepper, 4 cups
32 oz Marinara
24 oz 7 day sweet Pickles
Skeins of Yarn, Brown
Skeins of Yarn: White
Soap, Natural Tallow, Pine Scent
Frozen Soup, Creamy Cauliflower, 4 cups
24 oz Dill Pickles
Frozen Soup: Classic Tomato, 4 cups
Beef Brisket 3.5lb
Beef Brisket 4-5lb
Popcorn, 1 lb.
Sweet Potato, Murasaki
Beef Cubed Sirloin 1.35-1.40lb
Beef Eye Round Roast 4.5lb
Beef Burger Patties 1lb
Beef Ground Beef 1lb
Beef Ground Beef 1.25lb
Beef Jerky Smiling Jack Hot
Beef Jerky Smiling Jack Med.
Beef Sausage 3pk Hot
Beef Hot Dogs 5pk no nitrates
Beef Shaved Steak 1.0
Beef Short Ribs Bone-in 1.33lb
Beef Sausage 3pk Sweet Italian
Beef Osso Bucco 1.5lb-1.6
Beef Skirt Steak 1lb
NY Strip Steak (2pack) 1.5lbs
NY Strip Steak, (2pack) 1.83
Beef Tri-Tip 2.6lb
Eggs Free Range Brown doz.
Corn Flour, 1 lb.
Salad Dressing 8 oz
Beef Shaved Steak .88lbs
Beef Brisket 6.27lbs
Beef Cubed Sirloin 1.55-1.6lbs
Beef Brisket 5lbs
Beef Brisket 2lbs
Beef Brisket 4.3-4.4lbs
Beef Brisket 1.77lbs
Beef Shaved Steak 1.29lbs
Beef Osso Bucco .96lbs
Beef Osso Bucco 1.19lbs
Beef Osso Bucco 1.42lbs
Beef Short Ribs Bone-in 1.21lbs
Beef Short Ribs Bone-in 1.53lbs
Beef Short Ribs Bone-in 1.96lbs
Beef Chuck Roast 2.19lbs
Beef Chuck Roast 1.96
Beef Chuck Roast 2.73lbs
Beef Chuck Roast 2.62lbs
Beef Skirt Steak .60lbs
Beef Tri-Tip 2.36
Beef Skirt Steak 1.65
Farm Made Beef Pate 8oz
Beef Cubed Sirloin 1.27lbs
Beef Chuck Roast 3.13lbs
Beef Shaved Steak 1.50lbs
Beef Ground Beef 1.1lb
Beef Short Ribs Bone-in 1.43lbs
Beef Shank (whole) 7.4 lbs
Beef Shank Chops 1.2 lbs
Beef Short Ribs Bone-in 1.5 lbs
Beef Ground Beef 1.06-1.12 lbs
Beef Shank (whole) 6.1 lbs
Beef Shank Chops 1.75 lbs
Beef Short Ribs Bone-in 2 lbs
Beef Osso Bucco 1.18 lbs
Beef Ground Beef 1.26 lbs
Beef Shaved Steak 1.08 lbs
Beef Ground Beef 1.14-1.2 lbs
Beef Ground Beef 1.16-1.20 lbs
Beef Cubed Sirloin 1.42 lbs
Beef Ground Beef 1.21-1.25 lbs
Beef Ground Beef 1.11-1.15 lbs
Beef Cubed Sirloin 1.33 lbs
Asparagus (0.5 lb bunches)
Pasture-Raised Brown Eggs
Beef Ground Beef 0.98-1.03 lbs
Beef Ground Beef 1.04-1.10 lbs
Beef Jerky Hickory Smoked, 4 oz pack (SPECIAL: 15% OFF)
Beef Cubed Sirloin 1.95 lbs
Beef Jerky Spicy Jalapeño, 4 oz pack (SPECIAL: 15% OFF)
Beef Cubed Sirloin 1.66 lbs
Tuscan Kale
Lettuce, Romaine
Lettuce, Red
Lettuce, Green
Fresh Onion, White
Garlic Scallions
Curly Kale
Fresh Onions, Red
Beef Shank Chops 1.32
Beef Cubed Sirloin 1.69 lbs
Beef Cubed Sirloin 1.74 lbs
Beef Jerky Hickory Smoked, 4 oz pack
Bulk Strawberry Flat, 15 pints
kohlrabi, Red
Kohlrabi, Green
Dandelion Greens
Beef Sausage 4pk Hot
Beef Sausage 4pk Sweet Italian
Cabbage, Red
Cabbage, Green
Flat Leaf Parsley
Curled Parsley
Eggplant, Asian
Tomato, Paste
Heirloom Tomato
Get your box Started
Baby Salad Turnips
7 Day Sweet Pickles- Large Jar
Pickled Beets-Large Jar
Fresh Onions
Dinosaur Kale
Farm Tallow Soap Bars
Pizza-3 Vegetable with Marinara
Pizza Special- Spinach marinara, mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes and crushed garlic
Red Leaf Head lettuce
Pizza- 3 Vegetable with Pesto Sauce
Green Romaine Lettuce
Pizza-Cheese and Marinara
Kohlrabi, Overwintered
Build your box $2 gets it started
Fresh Red Onion
Fresh White Onion
Pizza Special-Spinach, marinara, mozzarella, zucchini strips, caramelized onions, garlic
Pizza- 3 Vegetable with Broccoli, Bell Peppers, and Oregano
Pizza Special-garlic pesto, spinach, cherry tomatoes, peppers, mozzarella blend
Pizza- 3 Vegetable with eggplant, red onion, garlic
Romaine Lettuce
Pizza Special-Curry caranara with cauliflower, sweet peppers, red onion and yogurt red curry sauce
Pizza- 3 Vegetable with eggplant, kale, cherry tomatoes
Asparagus (1 lb bunches)
Beef Cubed Sirloin 2.22 lbs
Beef Cubed Sirloin 2.22 lbs
Potato, Red
Potato, Yellow
Tomato, Slicing
Onion, Red
Onion, White
Tomato, Paste 10 lb box
Tomato, Paste 5 lb. Box
Tomato, Paste 5lb.
Sweet Italian Peppers
Tomato, Slicing 5lb.
Heirloom Tomato, 5lb.
Heirloom Tomato 5 lb.
Mini Butternut
Acorn Squash
Spaghetti Squash
Kabocha Squash
Sugar Dumpling Squash
Purple Top Turnip
Cauliflower, White
Bulk Cabbage
Cauliflower, Romanesco
Hakurei Turnip
Bell Peppers, Red
Watermelon Radish
Sirloin Beef Cubes 0.7-0.9 lb
Beef Cubed Sirloin 0.7-0.9 lb
Beef Ground Beef 1.11-1.15 lbs
Beef Hot Dogs 6pk
Black Spanish Radish
Red Russian Kale, Baby
Honeynut Winter Squash
Brussels Sprouts-LB
Green Onions
Red Russian Kale
Purple Sweet Potatoes
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