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Want to be notified when we open up our monthly Farm Stand? This is a one-time a la carte monthly delivery. We will have everything for sale we have in stock including pastured pork, chicken and grass fed beef, veggies, honey, sourdough bread and more!  The minimum order is $50.  We have several drop sites and also do Home Delivery for a $10 fee.  We respect you and will only email to notify you when we open up our online store.

About us

Blackbrook Farm began in 2011 and is a Certified Organic family farm located in Western WI about 60 miles northeast of the Twin Cities outside of Amery, WI.  On our 140 acre farm we grow vegetables, fruits and herbs; raise pastured pigs, graze a small herd of Scottish Highland cattle and this year broiler chickens will be making a comeback!  2020 will be our 9th year in production. We market our vegetables and meat through a small CSA, direct to consumer sales as well as wholesale to area restaurants and food co-ops.

2021 CSA BOX #1! (please click on "CONTINUE READING" to see whole newsletter from us!)

Posted on June 13th 2021 by Ayla Dodge

Hello CSA Members! (please click on "CONTINUE READING" to see whole newsletter from us!) The first box is starting this week! We have been working for this moment for 4 months now and the time has come to officially begin the season!  We are excited to get started and hope you are too!  Here on the farm, it is hot and dry.  Too dry. ... read more »

Braising Greens
Squash, Winter
Brussel Sprouts
Baby Kale Mix
Turnips, Salad
Squash, Acorn
Sweet Corn
Squash, Summer
Red Onions
Green Beans
Garlic Scapes
Tomatoes, Cherry
Squash, Delicata
Salad Mix
Collard Greens
Bell Peppers
Cabbage, Napa
Peppers, Hot
Squash, Butternut
Bok Choy
Squash, Kabocha
Asian Greens
Pork Bratwurst
Pork chops
Pork Sausage, links
Smoked Ham Roast
Pork Roast
Ground pork
Breakfast Sausage
Pork Ribs
Potted Plant
Mexican tarragon
Tomatoes, heirloom and/or Red
Promotional Item
Pastured meat delivery
Pastured Meat Share
2# bag of Orange Carrots
Cottage Bacon, 1 lb
Organic whole frozen chicken, 4-4.50 lbs
Local Organic CBD OIL from Red Clover Herbal Apothecary, 1 oz, 1000 mg
3# bag Purple Diakon Radish
2# bag of Rainbow Carrots
Andouille sausage, 4-pack 1 lb
Organic Frozen Half Chicken, 2-2.5 lb
Local Beez Kneez Honey, 18 oz jar
All Pork hot Dogs, 5 pack .75 lb
Pork Shoulder Roast, 2.5-3.5 lbs
Pork Chops, 2 pack about 1 lb
Country style Ribs (no ribs) about 1.5lbs
All pork bratwurst, 4-pack 1 lb
Deli ham, sliced .5 lbs
Org. Chicken Feet (for bone broth) 10 pack
Nitrate-Free uncured Smoked Bacon,.75lb
Pork Tenderloin, roughly .7-.9 lb
Pork Bone Broth (fairly concentrated) 1 qt
Rendered Lard (back and leaf) 1 qt
Smoked Uncured Ham Roast about 3.5-4 lbs
Pork Spare Ribs, about 2 lbs
The Beez Kneez Dusseldorf Mustard (with local honey)
Ham Steak, about 1.5 lbs
Breakfast Sausage ground 1 lb
10lbs 2nds Rainbow Carrots (broken, leggy, odd for juicing or fermenting)
Ground Beef 1 lb
Sister Crave Country Loaf (sourdough, locally made)
Sister Crave Parmesan Polenta Levain Bread
Rump Roast, roughly 3 lbs
Sirloin Steak, about .9-1 lb
N.Y. Strip Steak, about 1 lb
Chuck Roast, roughly 3-3.5 lbs
Sirloin Tip Roast, roughly 1.8-2bs
Beef Top Round Steaks, under lb
Rutabaga, 3lbs
Beef Soup Bones, 2-2.5lbs
Beef Short Ribs, 2/pack .6-.8lb (need more than one for a meal)
Beef Minute Steak, .5-.75
Beef Arm Roast. 3-3.5 lbs
Ribeye Steaks, roughly 1lb
Flat Iron Steaks, .5-.75 lbs
Beef Top Round Steak, roughly 1-1.15lb
Beef Tenderloin, .5-.7 lbs
Lily Springs DIY CBD Salve in coconut Oil, edible or topical, 4 oz.
Jewelltown Roastery, Single Origin Fair trade Organic Freshly Roasted in-house Light Roast Coffee, 16 oz
Spring Spinach, .5 lb bag
Sister Crave Spelt and Spring Nettle Sourdough
Italian Sausage, 1 lb
Pork Coppa Steaks, 2.pack roughly 2.25lb
Wild Rice Brats, 4-pack 1 lb
Italian Sausage, bulk 1 lb
Red Radish Bunch
Pork Chops, 2 pack 1.00-1.25 lbs
Sister Crave Sourdough Special (TBD)
Sister Crave Sunflower Sesame Loaf
Bagged Arugula, .3 lb
Hot Italian Pork Bratwurst (4-pack 1 lb)
Wild Rice Bratwurst 4-pack 1 lb
Chicken Feet for Stock (10 pack)
Red Butterhead
Bacon Ends (small chuncks) great for pan frying or baking .75 lbs
All Pork Bratwurst (4 pack 1 lb)
Beez Kneez Hand Crafted Fleur de Beez Creole-style Mustard 7oz. glass jar.
Herb Pot, Thyme, Oregano, Parsley, basil and Sage)
All pork HOTDOGS 5 pack .75lbs
NEW! Beez Kneez Blackbrook Farm HONEY! from our farm-18oz jar
Snap Peas
Smoked Andouille Sausage (4 pck 1lb)
Ham Steak 1.25-1.5 lbs about 1" thick
Organic HALF Chicken (about 2 lbs)
Organic Whole Chicken (about 3.5) smaller
Red Clover Herbal CBD oil, 1000 mg, 1 oz bottle grown locally
Deli Ham, sliced .50lb
Uncured Bacon, .75lb pack
"Halligalli" Dusseldorf-style Mustard 7 oz glass jar
Beez Kneez Raw Honey-Country Wildflower 18 oz jar
Pork Chops 2-pack, 1.25 inch thick, about lb1.25
Breakfast sausage Links 1lb
Chorizo, Bulk 1lb
Ground Pork 1 lb
Canadian bacon, .75 lbs sliced
cottage bacon 1 lb sliced
Pork Share