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About us

Our family-operated small farm sits in the middle of the Catskill Mountains. Fifty years ago the land that we now manage was part of a much larger dairy farm. As that industry left the area, the fertile land was neglected and a forest grew up in the midst of hills, stone walls, and a nearby stream. Our pigs represent a new life for the farm.

We believe in practicing agriculture in a way that regenerates the land around us, and we manage our animals so that they live as close to their 'natural' state as possible - rooting around in the woods. Our pigs live outdoors in the woods and eat a diverse diet of nuts, grasses and other forage, supplemented by non-GMO grain from Stone House Grain, who share our philosophy of demonstrating a viable model of regenerative agriculture.

On the Farm in Early May

Posted on May 5th 2020 by Kyle Jaster

 As our summer season is starting to pick up, we are offering a limited supply of products for pickup on farm. More to come soon. The last of the winter piglets are still here, and our spring piglets arrive next weekend. read more »

Pork Andouille Sausage (4 links / 1 lb)
Pork Bones
Pork Bratwurst
Pork Butt Chops
Pork chops (2 / pk)
Pork fat
Pork Kielbasa
Pork Picnic Roast (3-5 lbs)
Pork Ribs (~2 lbs)
Boneless Ham (~4 lbs)
Pork Sausage, links
Ground pork, loose (1 lb)
Pork Small Shoulder Roast (4-6 lbs)
Pork Tenderloin (~1.5 lbs)
Pork Large Shoulder Roast (8-11 lbs)
Whole Chicken
Smoked Ham Hocks (~2 lbs)
Leaf Lard
Pork Neck Bones
Maple Breakfast Sausage
Chorizo Sausage
Sweet Italian Sausage