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Farm Happenings for September 6, 2022

Posted on September 2nd, 2022 by John Zilnicki

Happy back to school to all the families that have school aged kids and Happy Labor Day weekend!  Our oldest starts pre-K this year so I may have a few tears on this Tuesday.  I want you all this weekend to take a minute truly appreciate all the men and women who make this country function on the day to day.  I'm talking about those blue collar men and women who keep everything working and making sure our lives run as smooth as possible.  They are the true backbone of America!

Next week a local organization called The Hallockville Museum is holding their annual fall festival.  One of our long time CSA members is a member on the board of this awesome organization and we love to support an awesome event.  I will post again about this during the week because my families history is actually intertwined into this historic museum.  

I hope  you enjoy your weekend and pray for a little rain for us farmers.. we sure could use it!

Your Farmer,