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Farm Happenings for August 9, 2022

Posted on August 5th, 2022 by John Zilnicki

Another week is in the books, and the weeks are flying by!  It is moms birthday August 8th so if you are picking up at the farmstand this week make sure to wish her a happy 35th birthday. (wink,wink)

We went out to pick some sweet corn this afternoon and when I went to start the tractor I noticed some scumbags cut our battery cables and stole our battery.  This tractor was in the middle of our farm field and a clear sign of the times we are in.  Frustrating to say the least but, karma is real and it is what it is.

We are coming into real sweet sweet sweet corn and I'm averaging eating 8 ears of corn a day now.  

Just a reminder that we recycle/reuse the boxes and ice packs if they are still in good shape after we clean them.  So thank you for returning them or swapping out boxes when we drop off a new box, it means a lot an helps us cut down on some costs.

Enjoy your weekend, stay hydrated out there, but make sure you get outside, get a sweat on and enjoy this beautiful weather!

Your farmer,