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Farm Happenings for November 5, 2019

Posted on October 31st, 2019 by Emily Asmus

Calling all Boxes!!! Yes, we want every last one of the waxed boxes that may have gone home with you and collected in your pantry or garage or trunk. We reuse them, hopefully week after week. When they don't come back, we run out. We have to buy more. They are not cheap. We want to charge you for the fair price of the food within, not the container too- so bring them on back to your pick up location, the farm, or Saturday market (now at Whitehouse Crawford through December 14th). Also, please take your time unfolding them so that the bottom flaps do not tear. Thank you one and all for the great box return during the first week of November, 2019! 

On the farm, things are down right cold. We hit 11 degrees on Tuesday night, 19 on Wednesday. Hardly above freezing during the day. This will end some field crops- salad mix, chard, etc... But we've got good bulk quantities of calorie dense food in the root cellar. So the weather should only encourage you in roasting, baking, stewing, and souping the roots and squashes of Welcome Table. 

Happy eating, Emily