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Farm Happenings for November 24, 2020

Posted on November 16th, 2020 by Emily Asmus

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! This week's final box offer's some items to aid in feasting such as poultry spices and jam from Miles Away Farm, collard greens from Hayshaker Farm, and our sweet kabocha squash and butterball potatoes good for mashing or baking. Take a look through the "extras" for wreaths, calendars, and extra goodies. 

It has been a memorable year in so many ways. With so much uncertainty afoot, having the commitment from all of you to eat our food for the season awarded us security and safety in our marketing. We have done our best to grow the best for you. We still have carrots and beets and cabbage and potatoes and garlic and squash on hand, with a trickle of greens coming in from the field. Throughout December and January we will be offering 1 time "pop up" boxes- keep on the look out for offers in your inbox.

We know that the Harvie platform isn't without fault, but we also hope that it serves its purpose as a useful tool for making the CSA suit your cooking and scheduling needs. We are working on our 2021 production/staffing/marketing plans right now. Registration for the season will open in the New Year.  We are set up for "Auto-renewal" on January 10th. If you know that you will not participate in our CSA next year this is an easy setting to change in your Harvie account. 

What will the winter bring for us? Andy will keep working away in the trees on all the days that weather permits. The kids will keep up with on-line school. We'll enjoy quiet holidays. Emily will take care of long-neglected bookeeping and housekeeping, and get busy with 2021 planning. Liz will order seeds and map out next year's fields. We'll do yoga and stretch and strength train to get our bodies ready for another season of physical labor. We've engaged a farm consultant to help us continue to improve our food production and farm systems. While we do take a break from field work in winter, the farm never goes dormant. 

If pandemic conditions permit, we hope to get to the Utah desert for some outdoor hiking and exploration time as a family in February (the time for a farmer "summer" vacation...). The delivery van will get to try out it's off season persona as "Adventure Van." We'll come back in the nick of time to fill the greenhouses with the plants that will feed us next spring and summer. We'll keep trying to stay healthy and thankful.

XOXO- Emily and your Welcome Table Farm team