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Posted on September 8th, 2020 by Lacey Arnold

Apple Season is Here!

There's so much to love about Autumn, but personally Fall foods are what I look forward to the most! Hearty soups, stews, and all the pumpkin and apple treats I can get my hands on. What's not to love?! Here at Warner Farm, pumpkins have been one of our specialties for a number of years, but this year we are welcoming apples to our table, too! We are thrilled to finally be able to harvest OUR VERY OWN APPLES this season for the first time ever!

Three years ago we planted our first apple trees on the farm. Roughly 2 acres of apple trees, or nearly 200 trees total! After a long and anxious wait our Macintosh and Gala trees are finally producing juicy and flavorful apples for us and we are overjoyed to be able to begin offering our own apples to our customers. Soon our Fuji, Macoun, and Cortland apples will be ready for harvest, too, but those are expected a bit later in the season. We still have some longer waiting to go on our Honeycrisp apples, everyone's favorite! They are such a beloved apples we had to wait until earlier this year to get our hands on some Honeycrisp trees, so we have about two more years of waiting till we can look forward to our first Honeycrisp harvest.

Warner Farm is greatly looking forward to our apple orchard coming into full maturity and showering us with a big healthy crop of apples each season. For now our first harvests will be small, but the trees are doing well and we are eager for the future when we can begin offering Pick Your Own Apples at Mike's Maze every Fall!!! For now, we hope you'll still enjoy the other activities at our maze which opens this Friday, September 11th! Hope to see you there!

What's in the shares this week?

- Delicata Squash  New this week!
- Rainbow Carrots
- Red Radishes
- Sweet Corn   
- Green Bell Peppers
- Poblano Peppers
- Sweet Snack Peppers
- Broccoli
- Cherry Tomatoes
- Tomatoes
- 'Lil Gem' Lettuce Heads
- Gemstone Salad Mix
- Kale 
- Large Red Watermelon, ~15 lbs! Available as extras ONLY!

*All items listed above are available for swapping as well as purchasing as extras unless otherwise designated*

We are also offering 20 lb. boxes of #2 Field Tomatoes, perfect for cooking, canning, and other kitchen projects. Check out the extras section to add them to your order! 

Fruit Shares will receive: Macintosh Apples!!!

Mushroom Shares will receive: Lions Mane Mushrooms

Recipes of the week, by CSA Staff member, Phoebe!

Roasted Delicata Squash with Maple Syrup and Thyme

Radish Raita

Photo of the week: A hot air balloon floating high above our greenhouse in a crisp blue Western Massachusetts sky. Photography by CSA Member, Stephanie Craig