Farm Happenings at Warner Farm
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Farm Happenings at Warner Farm

CSA WEEK 20 (The Final Week!)

Posted on October 13th, 2020
IT'S THE FINAL WEEK OF THE 2020 CSA SEASON!!! It truly goes by so fast... This season has been quite an eventful one, for sure. Between all the crazy events in our world, the crazy weather we had, and this crazy new customizable CSA system... We were destined for an interesting year from the start,... read more »


Posted on October 6th, 2020
It's our second to last week!!! Can you even believe it? It feels like just the other day we were harvesting Asparagus and the seasons first berries... Now the air is cold, the squash is pouring in, and we're starting to wrap things up on the farm and prepare for winter! The shares are still looking... read more »


Posted on September 29th, 2020
Sayonara September and Hola October! We've been given a brief moment of summer weather this week to appreciate and enjoy before the cold is here to stay. Last weeks near frosts are certain to come again soon, but for now these warmer days and evenings are really treating our crops right! Our fields... read more »


Posted on September 22nd, 2020
It sure got chilly all of a sudden! Luckily, we have narrowly escaped the seasons first frosts and all of our crops are still looking great! Early frosts are one of our true enemies here on the farm and can really make a mess of things for us. We do our absolute best to prepare for a potential overnight... read more »


Posted on September 15th, 2020
Mike's Maze is Officially Open! This past weekend we opened our annual corn maze for our 21st season. We are so excited to be able to welcome folks to our farm again this year and thrilled with the turnout we had. It's so heartwarming, especially these days, to see so many happy people out with their... read more »


Posted on September 8th, 2020
Apple Season is Here! There's so much to love about Autumn, but personally Fall foods are what I look forward to the most! Hearty soups, stews, and all the pumpkin and apple treats I can get my hands on. What's not to love?! Here at Warner Farm, pumpkins have been one of our specialties for a number... read more »


Posted on September 1st, 2020
Golden Sweet Corn at the End of this Rainbow! From droughts to hurricanes to gorgeous rainbows after a stormy day, we sure have had some crazy weather this season! Rough weather usually means rough crops, but we have been doing our absolute best to keep everything irrigated and growing as it should... read more »


Posted on August 25th, 2020
Vote 2020: The stalks have never been higher! Every year Warner Farm hosts our annual corn maze, Mike's Maze, and welcomes the public to our farm for some good ole' fashioned Fall Fun! This year will be no different despite the unique circumstances the year has brought us. We pride ourselves on being... read more »


Posted on August 18th, 2020
Warner Farm is a Winner! Freshly announced just today by Charlie Baker and the State of Massachusetts; Warner Farm is officially a VERY proud recipient of a grant that will allow us to build a brand new packing house facility as well as buy a brand new refrigerated box truck! We are overjoyed with this... read more »