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Farm Happenings for November 12, 2019

Posted on November 8th, 2019 by Debra Brubaker

Hello, CSA family! It’s been an eventful two weeks here on the farm. The happy news is that sister Phoebe and her partner Phil have moved from Goshen, Indiana, and are slowly settling into their little house down by the Lost Creek. Phoebe is taking a break from her florist shop for a year or two to connect with the farm. They will be working on-farm part-time and one of their plans is to expand the offerings coming out of the farm’s commercial kitchen and woodshed. There are many swirling dreams of farm breakfasts, an outdoor pizza oven, flower arranging, soap making, and wreath-making workshops, food fermentation, catering, and much more. We’re excited to have them back. And because they are here, we have a ready-made soup offering for Tuesday's delivery. 

The sad news is that Deb and Hannah’s sweet, gentle bear of a dog, Luna, was killed after being hit by a car on Tuesday night just after dark. She has been such a steadfast and large presence during these last seven years--known for her exquisite groundhog and vole hunting skills and her equally exquisite fear of thunder storms-- that her absence is almost palpable. We are so grateful to have had her in our lives for these years and will miss her so very much. 

Since we saw you all almost two Tuesdays ago, our region has experienced  some nice rain, a few harder frosts, and a good amount of wind. It’s starting to look more like winter than fall, wouldn’t you say? As a result of this weather, the fall greens (nearly all brassicas!)—Brussel sprouts, kales, cabbages—should be nice and sweet. This week will be the last week for ginger and turmeric so stock up if you like these! And don't forget to customize your order if you want to do that. 

See you Tuesday!