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Trumpeter Swan Farm CSA News - Winter, Week 32, May 24

Posted on May 25th, 2020 by Phil Hannay
Trumpeter Swan Farm CSA News - Winter, Week 32, May 24
   * Asparagus
   * Snapped Asparagus
   * Triple Washed Greens
   * Zero Landfill
Warm sun + Nice Rain = Plenty of Asparagus! It is coming up fast now. Everyone should get some if they indicated they liked it.  There should be some in the swap box for anyone who wants to swap out one of their other items and replace it with more asparagus.
Snapped Asparagus
For those new to our CSA, please note that we hand pick our asparagus by snapping it off at the base. The assures that the asparagus is tender all the way down. No need to trim anything off, except if you want to just square the ends. This is different than store bought, which is machine cut - leaving you with woody bottom parts to cut off before cooking.
Triple Washed Greens
Anything packed in zip lock bags is "ready to eat". We triple wash it, so there should be clean and ready to eat. Just dump out what you want, and then reseal the bag. Should keep at least a week.
Zero Landfill
Our packaging is zero landfill. Anything bags, eggs cartons, or jars that you cannot use, please return to us in the empty box. We will re-use it, re-cycle it, or compost it.