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Farm Happenings for July 28, 2020

Posted on July 25th, 2020 by Ryan Thompson

This season so far, has had some pretty weird weather for us. Dry, dry, dry...rain, rain, rain...dry, dry & more dry. Repeat. This type of weather pattern, & tack on the hotter than normal season has brought a few challenges. 

this last rainfall we got, down poured so hard. In about 40 minutes we got 1.5” of rain. This Very heavy rain, damaged some of our crops, especially the new little seedlings we had planted for harvest the end of august and beginning of September. This included, salad mix, salad turnips, kohlrabi, carrots, spinach and kale mix. such a bummer, but that is a part of farming life...the challenges and the rewards.

we will be waiting for the ground to dry up enough to do another planting. Hopefully this week we can get them seeded in. 

This is also another reason we are trying to invest in high tunnels, as we can mostly control the watering, have longer season extension, more plantings, and can also throw a shade cloth over the top to keep it cooler during the hot summer months.

melons are just starting to be ready. This week we should have enough seeded melons for everyone. They are so good! Sweet, juicy and delicous. Melons do love the heat...just not a lot of rain during the last couple weeks while they ripen. Many of the cantaloupes actually split open due to the large amount of rain, so not enough yet of those this week. 

our sweet corn is amazing. So happy to be able to share with you all this week. The deer unfortunately are very happy too, as they ate a huge chunk of our sweet corn planting. 

otherwise, we are doing what we can over here to keep producing good, nutritious food for all of you. There is much to be thankful for. 

I hope you all enjoy your boxes next week!

p.s if you need a cabbage idea still, we made an all in one dinner of chopped potatoes, onions, cabbage, diced bacon, sliced brats, garlic and pepper. We roasted it all together in the oven. So good. Otherwise I think it would work well to sauté it on the stove. Cook the potatoes for a bit first, then add The others.