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Summer Share Week 1

Posted on July 3rd, 2020 by Lorraine Blackwell

Happy First Day of Summer Shares! Many share members are back again after the spring season but we do have some new members joining us - welcome! I have been busy spending this off week weeding, planting lots of fall crops and catching up on those little tasks that get left when share deliveries are in full swing. 

I hope you are enjoying this heat we have been experiencing! It has been warm and dry here for over a week and it looks like we have another week of the same ahead of us. I've been irrigating nearly constantly to keep the veggies happy but I do hope for some rain soon.

I wanted to take a few moments to review a couple things regarding the 'Extras' available for purchase with your shares. This will introduce new members to the concept and be a refresher for others. Each week you will notice there are some items available for purchase on top of your regular share. This can include extras veggies we have available to our own pastured eggs, raw wildflower honey, and whole frozen chickens. Additionally, we sell a variety of fermented products made by a local small business, Funky Ferments. I also am working on adding some additonal products as well - stay tuned! If you purchase any extras, the Harvie system will automatically use any credits you may have in your account and once those are exhausted, your credit card on file will be charged. 

Our raw wildflower honey is nearly sold out but we will have a new crop ready to go in late September. Our whole, frozen chickens are also limited but we have a batch of meat chickens now that will be butchered in mid-August. At that time we will have lots of whole chickens plus pieced chickens (available in 2 bird bundles).

For those that have greens add-ons or lettuce add-ons, I always try to list the type of green/lettuce you will be receiving at the end of each of these notes so that you can plan accordingly.

Greens Add On: Dinosaur Kale

Lettuce Add-On: Salad Mix