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Farm Update December 3

Posted on December 2nd, 2022 by Mike Kozlowski

With the exception of packing and delivering orders, and thawing frozen pipes, it has been a fairly uneventful week at the farm. Like the rest of you we're just hunkering down until the cold weather passes. 

The lettuce shortage that I have heard so much about finally became a reality this week. We order our lettuce through Galimax, a company that distributes produce for farmers in Southern Alberta. This week they were unable to get us any of the butter lettuce that we typically have available. Supply is uncertain for the coming week, but we we can't get butter lettuce we will have a different lettuce to substitute, likely red or green batavia lettuce. 

New This Week

We have been able to get our hands on some BC grown Ambrosia apples which are crisp, sweet and delicious. They will be up on the store this weekend. 

We also got a shipment of Chickadee farms herbs in. These super high quality herbs come from Flatbush, AB which is about 2 hours north of Edmonton. If you are starting to think about your Christmas meal some of these herbs will add some great flavor to your turkey, stuffing or vegetable roast. 


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