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Farm Happenings for September 8, 2020

Posted on September 4th, 2020 by Mike Kozlowski

Hello! It's been a fun few weeks on the farm. Garlic to me feels like a long, slow moving seasonal clock  - planting it is the last thing we do in the fall before we put the farm to bed. Garlic shoots geminating in the spring are the first green things in our field (besides weeds) and harvesting garlic at the end of August is always the sign that summer is coming to an end and fall is on its way.

On the topic of fall - on Saturday night we had the first light frost in the garden. I tend not to grow crops that are very frost sensitive, so there was no damage done, but on Sunday morning I could see that the leaves of our squash plants were turning black and curling upwards which is a classic sign that even though the weather apps didn't call for it, it got cold out here in the country.

The good news is that fall brings a few more crops (we still need a week or two before we introduce a few of them) and it helps to sweeten up the carrots and other root crops.

Wishing you a great week filled with great meals,


Your farmer,