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Farm Happenings for December 9, 2019

Posted on December 4th, 2019 by Peter Seely


Caleb here, along with Jenn, Justin, and Josh, clearing out some nice indoor space to get ready for a spinach planting.  If the sun comes out, it can easily reach the 50's or 60's in the greenhouse, though if cloudy, the difference in inside and outside temperatures is not so great. But never any wind! In this unheated greenhouse the spinach will not grow very quickly over the next couple months, but at least it will not be killed by freezing temperatures, so that by February or more likely March we will be able to still harvest it!



Weather predictions are not always accurate, but in general they usually hit the emerging trends in temperatures pretty well, so with the more frigid temperatures coming mid and late week next week, we are changing the storage share delivery of next week from Wednesday, and Friday, to Monday.  So all storage shares will be delivered on Monday, when the temperatures will be slightly above freezing.  While a few of our pick-up sites are in a protected environment enough to withstand freezing temperatures, the majority are not, so this is the best choice, we feel.  Pick up times will be the same as they have always been during the season.  (If for any reason Monday will not work for you, then send us an e-mail, and we will explore with you other options.)



We have a rather lengthy list of items that we are using to fill your shares, so hopefully, with Harvie's help allocating, you will have a nice assortment of items to fill your tote(s).  The larger shares will definitely be needing at least two totes to fit everything, while the smaller share will fit a single tote.  (The medium share could be one or two, so be sure to check to see if there might be two totes for you instead of just one!)  You should be able to add and subtract to your customized tote(s), similar to what you were able to do doing the regular season; the swapping session has now started!  (But since we will be filling the totes on Saturday, you will need to make any changes in your share by Saturday morning, giving you from now till then to make the changes.)

In addition to the proposed list in this e-mail, we also have other items available on a purchase basis.  Those would include the same cranberries that were part of the Thanksgiving share, some of our salsa, sauerkraut, and pickled beets, eggs from the Miller farm, and some more specialty vegetables, like the shallots, fingerling potatoes, cipollini onions, etc.  This time we also have a new crop that we tried out in the greenhouse -- turmeric!  Native to the tropics, we tried growing some in between tomatoes in one of our hoophouses, and we have a small amount to share.  We harvested it this morning!

As usual, we spend a fair amount of time trying to insure that all of the shares, whether small or medium or large, have both a variety of items, as well as enough of an item to actually do something with it, but it's also rewarding, knowing that those of you who like parsnips, for example, or rutabagas, can get them, and those who do not, can skip them altogether.