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Farm Happenings for September 19, 2022

Posted on September 17th, 2022 by Pedro Aponte

It's a bittersweet feeling for us to close our summer 2022 CSA season. We were blessed with great weather and, with only a few exceptions, all crops did well. We have also been blessed with an awesome farm crew that kept on task week after week. Particularly, I’m grateful for their extra help running the entire operation while I was absent helping my Dad deal with some serious health issues. The good news is that after three emergency carotid artery surgeries, one heart attack, and quadruple bypass surgery, my Dad is on the mend and, as I type this, he is outside doing animal chores! We are grateful to Friendly City Food Co-op for allowing us, for the fifth year, to use their space for our weekly drop off. Despite a few technical hiccups, our third season working with HARVIE has been very rewarding for us and we hope it has been for you as well. Contracting out the administrative burden of our CSA allowed us to spend more time in the fields focusing on growing your food. More importantly, we hope that you were pleased with the convenience of holding/rescheduling your shares when needed, as well as customizing your weekly boxes. In a few days, you will receive an email from Harvie with an end-of-the-season survey. If you are so inclined, please respond. We would love to hear what you have to say about our produce and about Harvie and will greatly appreciate any feedback that will help us improve our practices. 

But the most important part of today's farm happening is you. We are honored by your support and your trust. You are the reason we kept having so much fun growing the best quality food, learning many new farming strategies, and figuring out how to most efficiently prepare and pack your produce. After eighteen wonderful weeks of growing and delivering food for our CSA program, we are exhausted. But at the same time, we are excited about next season and we look forward to having you participate in the program again. On behalf of our farm crew and our family, I thank you for your support. Please stay in touch and keep safe.

Blessings from the homestead,