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For the Love of Basil

Posted on July 16th, 2022 by Pedro Aponte

Basil and tomatoes are a match made in heaven. They go extremely well on the plate and absolutely adore each other in the ground. This year we are growing both of those crops together in our high tunnels and they are thriving. The basil variety we are growing is a Genovese-type called Prospera from Jhonny's Selected Seeds. It has proven an extraordinary variety in flavor, color, and disease resistance. We lost two fairly large crops of basil to downy mildew two years ago. But this variety did extremely well for us last year and we are excited to grow it again. So, now that tomatoes and basil are in season, this might be a good opportunity to try some new, or old, tomato-basil recipes. Or, some other basil recipes. Perhaps some basil and carrot-top pesto? or in your salad? omelet? martini? Basil is simply great. And that was probably in the minds of the bishops at the Council of Chalcedon back in the fifth century as it was then that Saint Basil received the title "the Great".