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Farm Happening for January 22, 2020: Welcome to the Winter CSA!

Posted on January 17th, 2020 by Robinette Farms

Welcome to Winter CSA 2020!

Thanks for joining us for this season of deep winter eating!

Winter has been fairly mild so far (knock on wood), so the crops in our tunnels are looking great for fresh eating right now. You'll be seeing salad greens, fresh radishes and salad turnips, green kale, spinach, and head lettuce in your shares for as long as we can keep it going and the weather (mostly) cooperates. 

Micro Greens will be a feature of the winter share - we will be focusing on individual crops like peas and sunflowers and also get you plenty of our signature Micro Salad Mix: a blend of peas, sunflowers, and buckwheat. It's one of our favorites and hearty enough to be a salad on it's own!

In addition you'll see our storage staples each week: cabbage, beets, kohlrabi, sweet potatoes, winter radishes (black, daikon, watermelon), purple top turnips, and smatterings of onions and garlic while we have them.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all again and catching up on what happened over the holidays and the first few weeks of the new year!

See you next week,
Farmer Chloe