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Farm News: November 17-18, 2022

Posted on November 11th, 2022 by Robinette Farms

We've got lots of great restocked and new items this week leading up to the holidays!

Plus, I have featured many of the staples that you will want to stock up on for your Thanksgiving meal, so be sure to check out that category when you customize this weekend!

We only have 2 more shopping windows open until Thanksgiving, so stock up now! 

REMINDER: we WILL be delivering the week of Thanksgiving!

Delivery will be shifted to Tuesday/Wednesday instead of our normal Thursday/Friday. Check your email for details, I've been sending along lots of reminders!

Remember that you now have complete control over your delivery schedule! So be sure to login to your account and skip any weeks you know you'll be out of town, or create an every other week schedule if that fits your needs better. 

You have until 11pm on Sundays to skip your delivery, customize your box, or change your delivery location!

You also have full control over what the contents are in your box! A box will get "built" based on your personal preferences, but you can edit the complete contents of your box during your customization period. You NEVER have to get the same old things in your box, or items you don't need in your fridge or pantry!

You have the power to make your Local Food Subscription work for YOU!

Thanks for being part of strengthening our local food system! Are there any items you would like to see available but aren't? Email me or shoot me a text at 402-848-4900 with the keyword LOCAL to let me know what you'd love to see!

*Be sure to check out these FAQs to help you learn to navigate your Harvie profile and see how many options you have with your Subscription.*

As always reach out to us here at Robinette if you need anything at

Thanks for supporting local food and local farmers!
Chloe, the RF Crew, and the local food community