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Farm Happenings for August 21, 22, and 24, 2019: Week 12 out of 16!

Posted on August 16th, 2019 by Robinette Farms

It's been so wet we are seeing mushrooms all over the farm in strange places...!

Fall CSA Registration will begin SOON!
We are in the final stages of getting the systems set up for Fall CSA registration to begin!

Sadly we have grown out of our pick up location at Goldenrod Pastries...eep! BUT, we have a new pick up location just down the street at Myers Sharpening Service and Tamayta! Mat and Jodi Myers have graciously partnered with us and we are excited to collaborate with them!

In their shop they offer specialty kitchen spices, gadgets, oils, vinaigrettes and more! Check it out at

In the back of the shop, Mat will sharpen everything from your kitchen knives to your mower blades! Check it out at

Current CSA Members get first dibs on Fall CSA and then we open it up to the general public. So if you want to participate in the Fall season sign up right away to get your spot!

I’ll be sending out a separate registration email as soon as we have the details ready.

In the Fields
Rain rain go away, a wet August seems to be the trend. The last several years August has been a very wet month for us, which historically is not the case. So far we have received 6.3 inches in the first 15 days of August. For our heavy clay soils that is a lot of water! 

This is putting a bit of a damper on our planting and cultivating (staying ahead of the weeds), so we are hoping for a dry window this week.

The watermelons are slowly beginning to ripen, but we are in need of some warm and dry weather to help them along! 

Happy Eating!
Farmer Chloe