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Farm Happenings for February 4, 2021

Posted on January 29th, 2021 by Anna Bunk
Hi folks!
At the start of this new year, we merged with Getting Cultured Sauerkraut and our very own crew manager, Danielle, has been running the show. Our first batches of kraut and ferments have just finished and are ready for you to enjoy! Midnight Mustard Kraut (delicious flavor made with our cabbage and Nash's Farm mustard seeds), Sweet and Spicy Carrots, and Sequim Chi (a crunchy and fresh spin off of Korean kim chi). And we still have the earlier batches of plain Sauerkraut and Naughty Napa, both made with our cabbages. Try some- your gut (and tastebuds) will thank you!
We have included some fruit grown off-farm again for this coming week; more of those delicious (sweet, juicy) Algerian Mandarins from California, and NW grown Apples and Pears (Honeycrisp Apples, Opal Apples, and Red D'Anjou Pears). 

This coming Thursday 2/4 we will be delivering to the following Seattle neighborhoods** (plus locals can pick up on the farm):

University District, Capitol Hill, Fremont, Queen Anne, Madrona and home deliveries in University District, Queen Anne, Madrona, and Wallingford.

**don't forget you can select ANY available pick up location from week to week so if you don't see your neighborhood listed, you can select another one close by.

Click this link to order:

Farmstand closes for ordering at 5pm Monday 2/1! 

My tips for ordering this week: It's still all about the GREENS!, cook up those sweet nourishing collard greens and kales and cabbages, mineral-rich beets for those winter borscht soups and veggie roasts, keep up with snacking on lots of Antioxidant rich almonds to stay well (plus good for our mental health helping to reduce anxiety...), Spice up your meals with some probiotic-filled KRAUT: Sauerkraut, Naughty Napa Kraut, Midnight Mustard Kraut. And the highlights from off the farm: CITRUS (Vitamin C- yes!), juicy Red Anjou pears, Golden Opal apples, super crisp Honeycrisp apples.

Thanks for your year round support! We are so very grateful to be growing food for you,

-Anna and the River Run crew