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Planting trees and giving thanks

Posted on November 27th, 2020 by Annie Moore
We planted another 30 fruit trees in our baby orchard today. Planting trees is a gift for future generations, one more notch in the lineage of stewardship on this land. It is a joy to work out here, with these people - plus visitors from Major Acre Farm this morning. We are blessed in so many ways to do the work we do and to share the harvest with you. Hopefully, we'll all be enjoying fruit from these trees sooner than the next generation, too!
Our west bank farm got 4.5" of rain on Wednesday - we needed rain, but we didn't need quite that much in that little time. Hopefully beds drain quickly and the veggies get the water they need.
It's a fun time for veggies in New Orleans. We're excited to include more carrots, our sweet potatoes, and cabbages and fennel for the first time this season. Lots of beautiful greens for cooking and salad too. 
Enjoy and have a nice Thanksgiving weekend!