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Rivendale Farms CSA Newsletter, Week 6 (July 17)

Posted on July 13th, 2018 by Neil Stauffer

Hello members. We hope you had a great week.

This week felt like we accomplished a mix of tasks that covered spring, summer, and fall projects. Farming is always a bit of finishing up the previous season, tending to the current season, and staying ahead of the season to come.

From spring, we harvested the last of our salad greens today. Because summer heat makes the lettuce bitter, we won't have more of that until the weather cools again. Now that it's summer, we have been trellising and beginning to harvest the heat-loving tomatoes as they begin to ripen. And for the fall, we have been cultivating the winter squash as we try to stay ahead of the weed pressure.

On the farm, so many tasks are linked to a particular time of year. Often, just as we are growing tired of a particular job, the weather changes and we are on to a new to-do list. We like the seasonal shifts of our work, and we hope you enjoy the changing fruits of our labor.

On behalf of the crew,


ps--Here is a picture of our growing winter squash field.