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Rivendale Farms CSA Newsletter, Week 5 (July 10)

Posted on July 6th, 2018 by Neil Stauffer

Hello members. What a hot one it's been! We would like to welcome a few new CSA members this week. We hope you enjoy the bounty of the season that will be coming your way.

This past week we harvested our garlic crop. Planted in the late Autumn, this member of the allium family needs a dormancy period over the winter before it starts to make bulbs in the springtime. Some of you had the change to taste the garlic scapes in June. But if you like the taste of garlic, this is the best time of year. When the plants are fresh like they will be this week--they will still have some of the green tops on them--the flavor is at its peak. You can discard the tops and use the garlic cloves the same way you would with dried garlic.

We also know that most people are always curious about tomatoes. Well, the good news is that our cherry tomatoes have just started to ripen. But next week, we should have at least the beginnings of tomatoes to share. We promise, you'll have your fill of tomatoes before the CSA is over.

If you like to can or use products in bulk, please let us know. We can make them available that way via the "extras" section of the CSA site. This week we have added a 10# "pickling cucumber" option as well as a 1# pesto basil bag. Both of these will get you on your way to making great summertime staples.

Stay cool when you can. And thanks as always for your commitment to getting your food straight from our farm. We appreciate it.

On behalf of the crew,


ps--The picture this week shows the culmination of our garlic harvest this week.