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Pop-Up CSA Market Box

Posted on March 10th, 2023 by Diane Riehm

Start finding the 50+ items to purchase and fill your cart THIS Thursday March 16! 

You'll find items this time around for Easter Baskets like fun and healthy microwavable ears of popcorn for the children and men in your life. 

YES, the corn pops right off the ears. The amazement and delight that comes with this 4 piece bag is sure to be a HUMDINGER!! And maybe even a science experiment. 

When you add popcorn to your cart you are
also supporting a local family from Arcadia, Oh.
The entire process is done right on their 
farm with their children. 

  • DON'T FORGET TO ADD THE EGGS for Easter this time too. Eggs that are a few weeks old will peel easier than freshly boiled eggs. 
  • We still had some frozen strawberries from the last harvest season. On this wise note, you'll want to purchase the ice cream that Knueven Creamery is whipping up THIS TIME with our berries. It will be like snagging up the first-taste-of-Spring! 
  • Additionally, children will want to leave out carrots for the Easter Bunny in case he gets hungry from all his hopping. Give it a try and sprinkle a few in your flower bed, porch, and driveway and watch your little ones' eyes light up. A few good memories and pictures for sure! 

Steffani and Pam are on the case to get the Riehm
carrots out for all the bunny hopping that is coming
soon to your area.  

Needless to say, we cannot mention all 50 items. Watch for your email on Thursday, MARCH 16 and browse the Pop-Up Link for a one-time CSA Market Box. 

Starting at $49 you can get your hands on local farm foods such as vegetables, meats, eggs, dairy, and other gems like homemade bread which freezes well and delicious apples. (Enough to feed you for two weeks). 

We realized that some folks FORGOT to complete their order last time. 

As a courtesy reminder: You'll want to "Checkout" with your credit card in the "shopping cart" to finish your Pop-Up order. 

Your Pre-ordered CSA market box will be delivered IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD the week of March 20. 

Ottawa Hill - Monday 
Sylvania - Monday 
Findlay - Tuesday 
Bowling Green - Wednesday 
Maumee - Thursday 
Perrysburg - Thursday 
A Farm - Thursday 

Farmer Phil, John & Diane Riehm 
Riehm Produce Farm