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Farm Happening (9th DELIVERY SUMMER out of 20)

Posted on July 21st, 2022 by Diane Riehm
Farmer Phil's TOP 5 from the field this week!

* These LOOK very healthy!  
* TASTE oh-so good! 
* Harvesting/Butchered PLENTY right NOW!

1. Sweet Corn  
2. Cherry Tomato 
3. Beets
4. Cone Cabbage
5. Hamburger - from livestock raised in Riehm's own pastured field - frozen patties for those quick meals. Bulk for those special dishes!

EAT with the season to grab the most NUTRITION!

The term “cool as a cucumber” is actually derived from the cucumber’s ability to cool the temperature of the blood.

Try sipping on a refreshing CUCUMBER DRINK to hydrate yourself- 

Add sliced cucumber into plain water this week.

Let it rest for several hours and pour a glass to refresh yourself later. 

This can be your cocktail with a veggie for your bingo board.

We have been hearing a lot of great compliments on how YA'LL LOVE the changes in the CSA model that we made this year.

You can see the extra work put in by staff to make sure your boxes are perfect each week.

Want to show your appreciation to the farm staff for their (-) less than 1% error rate?

Consider tipping the staff TODAY! Your appreciation goes a LONG WAY! 

How to Tip the farm staff:

Remember to Login to
. Pick "My Farms" from the menu
2. Choose "Place Order" (Screenshot attached)
3. Select "2022 Summer Tip the Staff"
**Finish tipping with payment "go to checkout"

No video week #8 CSA Market Box unboxing... 

LEARN how to eat Farm-to-Table with our bingo ideas... START HERE

LOOK who won this week's Bingo Board...Traci Stump

*** SPECIAL TREAT coming your way!***

Phil, John & Diane Riehm
Riehm Produce Farm