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Farm Happening (4th DELIVERY SUMMER out of 20)

Posted on June 15th, 2022 by Diane Riehm

Chinese Cabbages are good this time of year as a salad. They are cool and refreshing, keeping well for several days!  

We are offering TWO types of Chinese Cabbages in loose leaf:  

1. Mixed Napa Cabbage (loose leaf) - Try something new with it.  

2. Savoy cabbage (loose leaf) - Experiment in a way you've never ate it. It may end up your favorite!  

You can cook Chinese cabbages just about any way you like. A lot of people will use it in stir fry, mixing it with some meat and veggies with a dash of soy sauce.  

Others will cook it up in a pot of water on the stove, adding in some other veggies and seasoning and making a soup from it.  

We love it this time of year as a coleslaw. Mix in some sugar snap or snow peas for crunch, add a few scallions and cilantro. Pour dressing over top. Mix well and let set a few hours before serving.  


The Bok Choy Journey  

As soon as we plant Bok Choy we cover it with a cloth.  

The cloth transmits 70% of the light, lets rain through, and protects the veggies from flee beetles. BAM, NO SPRAYS NEEDED!  

Peel off One Stalk of Bok Choy for 100 milligrams of calcium!  

Imagine how much calcium you could consume if your ate half the head cooked on the GRILL for a NEW TWIST!  

Farmer Phil's TOP 5 veggies from the field this week!  

* These LOOK very healthy!
* Harvesting PLENTY right NOW!
* TASTE oh-so good!

1. Sugar snap peas
2. Scallions
3. Zucchini/Summer squash/Patty pan
4. Garlic scapes
5. Lettuce

EAT with the season to grab the most NUTRITION!

Learn more about Diane's fun and exciting adventures with her week #3 CSA market Box. 

CONGRATS to this week's CSA Market Box Bingo Winner... 

SPECIAL TREAT coming your way!
HOMEMADE Strawberry Ice Cream

video 9:00

* Copy and paste the bingo board below. Check off 5 completed squares (does not have to be in a row) using your market box. Send your bingo board to us by 5pm on Tuesday so we can put your name in the drawing too!

Make sure to WATCH THE VIDEO for inspiration in eating everything from your box. You'll become a master at eating the CSA way soon.


Phil, John & Diane Riehm
Riehm Produce Farm