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Farm Happenings (#11 SUMMER DELIVERY out of 20)

Posted on August 12th, 2021 by Diane Riehm


So many seasonal veggies are being harvested at Riehm's Produce Farm, especially in the month of August. 

Want to stock up now and savor the taste of summer all winter long? 

Try freezing! A convenient way to store veggies so you can later take out as much or as little as you want to cook. 

Canning is also a way you can enjoy these same flavors later. 

BUY BULK ITEMS NOW! Available this week on the extra list: 

  • Peaches - Free-stone for easy slicing for the freezer. Pull for for Smoothies/Pies/Sauté for pancakes or waffles 
  • Canning Tomatoes - You'll never go back to store-bought again. Save for Salsa/Soup/Chili 
  • Roma Tomatoes - Super easy to make thick paste. Year-round homemade spaghetti Sauce/Lasagna 
  • Cherry/Grape Tomatoes - Save on a 10# bundle. Roast until they pop open/Freeze/use in Salads/Sauces/add to a Casserole 


Kohlrabi has been proven to be very popular among Market Box members. Check out the different ways they have been enjoying this veggie: 

  • "I roasted mine just to try something different" 
  • "Yummy! love them in my salads" 
  • "I'm eating mine raw with breakfast. Easy to munch on" 
  • "Love love love Kohlrabi slaw" 
  • "We love them raw and grilled" 

Kohlrabi can be eaten raw or cooked by peeling off the outermost bulb layer with a sharp knife. 

Simply eat slices like celery. 

They may be green or purple and taste somewhere between a sweet cabbage and broccoli but milder and slightly sweeter. 

It’s a great healthy addition to your dinner table or as a snack. 

Store in a reusable air-tight container or plastic bag with a twist tie. 

DID YOU SEE the 13abc media coverage of our maze... CLICK HERE? 

Our NEW Jeep Corn Maze has everybody talking and making plans to visit the farm in late September - the end of October.

Gear up for other family-fun with 20+ activities such as the Pumpkin Cannon, Pigs Racing, Pedal Carts, Giant Slide and Corn Barn for adults and kids. GET ACCESS to more info on the Barnyard Fun CLICK HERE!



Grab 20 friends and BOOK A TIME slot for a SPECIAL campfire (Only available!! Sept. 25 & 26 and Oct. 30 & 31). Use QR Code below...

We know you are excited about the NEW Fall/Winter Market Boxes with the pay-as-you-go feature.

Some of you have heard that we are having a little technical issue. For some reason it messes with the Summer farm shares holds/reschedule buttons (
which we will no longer need with the new skip button). Therefore, we need to keep the old system for now.

BUT...We have a Solution! If your ready to sign up NOW. You can pay for your first two boxes up front.

Read about "THE EXCITING CHANGES" for the New Fall/Winter Market boxes HERE and then click the sign up button.

We will then change your payments to pay-as-you-go the week "before" the season starts.

If you did the auto renew with us in July you are all set to go... 

Farmer Phil, John & Diane Riehm      
Riehm Produce Farm