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Farm Happening (19th SUMMER DELIVERY OUT OF 20)

Posted on October 4th, 2019 by Diane Riehm

TO FIND OUT when the season ends, LOOK in the "title" of the FARM HAPPENINGS. (notice today is week #19).  Summer farm share season is for "20 weeks".  

Fall/Winter Shares start November 4th. Pick-ups are twice a month.  

Do your carrots taste bitter, sometimes?  

Carrots should be stored away from fruits such as apples & pears, which release the ethylene gas that cause carrots to become bitter.  

This week we left the tops on the carrots for you.  When you get home, make use to cut the greens off!!! So that it stops drawing moisture from the vegetable.

Store the greens in a bag and make a Simple Pesto.

Put the carrots in a separate bag so that it retains it's moisture.

Other ways to eat carrot greens.

Delicata squash is often just the right size for a single serving.  Check out the 24 Best Delicata Squash Recipes.

Welcome baby Danny!  

Weighing in at 8lb. 15oz.  

His mother Ashley is one of our loyal volunteers that helps RPFarm out every Wednesday each season, since way before she had any children.  

Many of you have met her.  You can send her congrats at  


Look for Farmer Phil's world rarest fruits on the extras listIf you missed the details check out last week's "farm happenings".


Are you Ready for the Races to Begin!

Three Smokin Hot Piglets are ready to run down the track!

This year's line up we have Burt Bacon, BobbyQ Porkchop and the non other Gladys Ham! Come join RPFArm's Barnyard Fun & Corn Maze - bet on who's gonna be the top Porker!

To find out more... 

GRAB our FREE eBook — 4 Steps To Make Memories That Last, PLUS all the Corn Maze pictures and more… 

Barnyard Fun & Corn Maze Weekends NOW October 27 


Fall/Winter farm shares are now ready for you to sign up.

Read about the CHICKEN SHARE PACKAGE "add-on"



Be sure to join us for an evening of outstanding flavors from RPFarm at the Registry Bistro in Downtown Toledo on Monday November 18.  The Farm-To-Fork Dinner Events are always a one-of-a kind special, off-the-chart menu.

For reservations call 419.725.0444

Read about Chef Erika here.  Menu COMING SOON!


October 7 -12

Add-on FRUIT FORECAST PREDICTION - This week Pears and mixed Apples.

Add-on HAMBURGER SHARES - Cattle born and raised at RPFarm, roaming over 40 acres of rotating grassy pastures and grain finished. 3, one pound bulk packages.

 Fresh roasted, Single origin Coffee share.

Add-on "NEXT" WEEK'S SHARES - Bread share: dense loaf, made with wholesome ingredients. Next week is Cider Rye

Your farmers,

Phil, John & Diane,


“We help busy people get weekly, farm fresh meals on the table so they feel healthy and full of ideas as to what’s for dinner.”