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RP-Farm Happenings (Delivery 7 Fall/Winter out of 8)

Posted on January 27th, 2021 by Diane Riehm

Pinto Gold potatoes are delicious yellow flesh potatoes. They're creamy smooth and have a buttery flavor. 

GO AHEAD AND TRY these specialty spuds that we grow. They are EXCELLENT ROASTED and can also be used for boiling, pan frying, baking or use in salads. 

These Gourmet potatoes have an outstanding flavor and colorful yellowish skin with splashes of red. 

The size is small and ranges from oval to fingerling shape. 

Any guesses on how many Cords OF WOOD each year it takes Farmers Phil and John to heat greenhouse #2 for our young seedlings? 

6 cords!!! Most of it is used in about one month's time. 

As you can see, it's a family adventure gathering all this wood from the dead trees on our farm! 


  • Seeded tomatoes the week of Christmas (Staying toasty at a friend's greenhouse until February). 
  • January - Seeded a few other things (Staying toasty at a friend's greenhouse until February). 
  • Mid-February - Insure that our Seeding Greenhouses #1 & #2 are nice and toasty at a minimum of 60 degrees. A huge amount of various seeds are sown to ensuring that we have small plants ready for the field in late-March. 
  • Early March - Transplant the first of four planting of tomato into greenhouses #3-#7. 
  • Late March to September - Transplant and direct seed in the field. 
  • May to June - Tomatoes in the greenhouses continue to grow. Several field planting have already happened. 

STILL AVAILABLE are some of the BEEF packages. 

As you know, our steers are raised sustainably on our small family farm by us. 

Don't forget to check them out on the "extra list" and grab them before they are GONE! 

RESCHEDULE YOUR "HOLDS" before time runs out. 


Did you place your share on hold over the holidays or any other week this Fall/Winter season? 

SNAG THESE GOODIES UP NOW by "Rescheduling" for the last week of your season. 

After you "RESCHEDULE", you're in luck since you'll have plenty on hand for the rest of this winter. 

Stock piling is not a bad idea to keep your farm flavors on hand! 

February is the month for LOVE!

Let us
 "season" your Summer Farm Share with $50 in EXTRAS!

GET AHEAD OF THE GAME before our "SEASON OF LOVE" Challenge starts on February 1st:

*Challenge runs from Feb. 1 - 28.


* APPLE SHARES - Fuji Apples

* EGG SHARES - Fresh and wholesome brown eggs from Anderson's Farm.

Oatmeal Maple: Soft and slightly sweet bread created from wheat flour, whole wheat, maple syrup and cinnamon. Great with ham and Swiss cheese. Fresh and no preservatives from Fremont's own Bella Cuisine.

* COFFEE SHARES - This week’s origin will be Colombia . It is medium bodied with a bright, sweet finish and notes of berries and milk chocolate. Fresh from Tiffin's own Bailiwicks Coffee Company.

* CHICKEN-OF-THE-MONTH SHARES - This frozen share will include 3 packs of breasts, 1 pack of thighs, 1 pack of drumsticks, 1 pack winglets.  

* WHOLE CHICKEN SHARES - This frozen WHOLE chicken is ONCE-A-MONTH.  

* HAMBURGER SHARES - Three (3) one pound frozen packages   


P.S. Summer 2021 sign-up for veggie boxes is now open to the public. Get it HERE!

P.S.S. Don't forget to Refer-A-Friend for more savings. Find your link from your log-in page at Harvie.Farm

P.S.S.S. Get ready for the "Seasoning of Love" Challenge starting February 1 for your chance to win $50 in EXTRAS!