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RP-Farm Happenings (Delivery 5 Fall/Winter out of 8)

Posted on December 31st, 2020 by Diane Riehm

After a successful business meeting Farmer Phil took our poultry farmer to one of our many greenhouses to grab some of our flavorful leeks for him to take home.

As you can see both farmers were happy to stop chatting long enough to pose for a picture. 

We're excited to be partnering with carefully selected local businesses to meet more of your food needs. Like Farmer Brian who supplies your eggs, chickens and turkeys. 


Video 0:41 

Field Maps are great for allowing us to communicate with our farm team. They easily know when veggies are ready to harvest and where to find them. 

Listen to Farmers Phil and John discussing chives and other seeds over lunch. 

It's funny to hear how we manage it all. 



Ever notice how flavorful your veggies taste coming from a local family farm compared to others? 

RPFarm's Veggie Box folks Sarah and Juliette BRAGGED about our flavors OUTSHINING the store-bought produce on recent Facebook posts. 

Keep sharing your experiences with us to help set us apart! 

Our healthy, nutrient-rich soil helps bring these homegrown flavors to you. 

CHECK OUT how colorful and distinct these "kalette tops" from RPfarm are. You won't find these defining characteristics outside of the farm field! Sauté with a little olive oil and salt for a simple addition to your dinner plate or salad. 


Our fingerling potatoes have been a HUGE HIT lately within our veggie box community.

We've seen a lot of interesting and appetizing pictures of friends sharing their dinners via email and posting in our Facebook groups. From making veggie bowls to sheet pan meals like pictured above to side dishes. Stuck for meal prep ideas don't be afraid to ask the group. We are here for you! 

Check out a recent picture of a dinner creation that was shared from a member's love for our fingerling potatoes! 



1 lb. Hot Dogs (beef/pork ingredients)
1 pack Beef Jerky (8 oz., top right)   
2 lb. Bologna (thick sliced, middle)  
2 pack Beef Sticks, Smoked Cheddar medium/hot (8 oz., bottom) 

6 to 6.25 lb. Steaks (2-Porterhouse, top left / 4-T-bone, top middle & top right)  
5 to 5.5 lb. Ground Beef (bottom row)


4 lb Sirloin Steak (2- Large Packages, top row)
6 to 6.2 lb. Roast (2- Blade Roast, bottom row)

LOOK FOR OTHER POSSIBLE MEAT SELECTIONS TO SNAG UP! See weights and prices on extra list.

STOCK UP NOW FOR THE WINTER! Check it out on the "extra list".  

* APPLE SHARES - Evercrisp 

* EGG SHARES - Wholesome brown eggs with dark yellow yokes that stand up tall when you crack.

Sunflower Seed: Made from wheat flour, whole wheat and sunflower seeds. Great for sandwiches.

Travel the world, cup by cup, in your bathrobe and enjoy premium single origin coffees. Each bag tells you about the defining region and characteristics.

* CHICKEN-OF-THE-MONTH SHARES - This frozen share will include 3 packs of breasts, 1 pack of thighs, 1 pack of drumsticks, 1 pack winglets.  

* WHOLE CHICKEN SHARES - This frozen WHOLE chicken is ONCE-A-MONTH.  

* HAMBURGER SHARES - Three (3) one pound frozen packages   



Farmer Phil, John & Diane Riehm   
Riehm Produce Farm

“We help busy people get weekly, farm fresh meals on the table so they feel healthy and full of ideas as to what’s for dinner.”