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Farm Happening (17th DELIVERY SUMMER out of 20)

Posted on September 18th, 2020 by Diane Riehm

Patriotic potatoes

You know Farmer Phil likes to grow creative items for your dinner plate. This week we are offering red, white and blue potatoes

The combination of: 
red always popular
white potato is an excellent all purpose potato
blue potato on the outside and yellow on the inside


A couple of our team members took a break from gathering squash in the fields to pose for a picture.

SQUASH is my favorite fall veggie. We have several types on the farm to create seasonal meals.

Store in a cool dry area, does not need to be refrigerated as it will eventually dry out. A porch or a garage can work well as long as you don't let them freeze.

Simple ways to prepare squash after washing, cutting in half & scooping out seeds:

  • Acorn & Carnival Squash- Both are similar in flavor. Carnival may be a little sweeter than acorn. Bake for 50-60 minutes at 400°F or until fork tender.
  • Butternut Squash- Sweet and moist with tan skin and bright orange flesh. Shape is reminiscent of a peanut. Place into a crock pot for 4 hours on high. Scoop out the cooked squash, add butter for a side-dish or make into soup. Without anyone knowing the difference, butternut squash can also be subsisted for part or all of the pumpkin in pumpkin pie. 
  • Spaghetti Squash- Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes OR EVEN SIMPLER, put a little water in a dish and MICROWAVE until fork will poke through the skin about 20 minutes. Remove strands with a fork. Toss lightly with butter, salt & pepper and season to taste with Parmesan or Italian seasonings. A great way to make spaghetti, let strands refrigerate in tomato sauce for a day, then reheat to help it mix well.


Hope you are enjoying the changing of the seasons.

It sure looks like FALL around the farm. Currently harvesting wagon-loads of pumpkins, squash and potatoes.


We are excited that several people have been ordering the KETTLE CORN from the extra list!!!

A request came from a CSA member when she had to change her pick-up location after school started. She expressed that she was now missing out on grabbing kettle corn from the Roadside Stand and suggested we add it as an extra for all the pick-up locations. 

Is there something you would like to see us introduce in the future for the extra selections?

If so, REPLY TO THIS EMAIL and we will see what we can put together for you!



If you're looking for a farmer to supply you with a down home good time...

Set a date to come to our farm and ask a few people to come along.

New York OF ALL PLACES just declared Agritainment (ie. Barnyard Fun) as a very low risk gathering place for COVID-19 according to Farm Bureau.

Create memories to last forever:

  • Watch the Goat Walk
  • Cheer for the Pig Races
  • **NEW THIS YEAR Steer Roping
  • **NEW THIS YEAR Wagon Ball- A fun take on basketball
  • **NEW THIS YEAR Giant Slide- As tall as the telephone poles!
  • Hit your target with the Veggie Launcher
  • Follow clues to get through the OSU Arms Corn Maze
  • Play Giant Jenga/Checkers/Connect 4

Open the last weekend in September and every weekend in October.

HERE for more info and updates regarding Barnyard Fun Weekends.


Rush to see the complete schedule in your personal page so you know what's coming. Scroll down to the yellow "Managed Deliveries" box.