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Farm Happening (14th DELIVERY SUMMER out of 20)

Posted on August 28th, 2020 by Diane Riehm

Hope you're doing well! As always, there's a ton of work to be done at RPFarm, but these days we're able to keep up with it a lot better! As you notice in the subject line we are on week #14 out of the 20 summer weeks. 

We're still harvesting like gangbusters, which has paid off because over the last few weeks we've been able to offer you well over 30 items to choose from in your weekly farm share! 

We seemed to only have missed one week of lettuce since we started this year. Which is really good considering the number of 90 degree temperatures we had. As you may have notice we're starting to get a rainbow of color in the sweet peppers too! Our fall squashes will be coming in soon, and we are beyond excited about that!

Cucurbits crops like summer squash, cucumbers and melons are very susceptible to powder mildew. BUT the dry weather has been a blessing as far as disease pressure goes. We have had a harvest for several months now. 

We are beginning to sow seeds for the Fall/Winter season. Our 5 greenhouses will grow crops such as lettuce, spinach, cilantro, parsley, chard, bokchoy, and a few others. Outside growing crops are kale, broccoli, cauliflower, leeks, cabbage, carrots, beet, big fall radishes, onion, many varieties of potatoes, garlic, turnips, fall squash and a few others. If all goes well, we're going to have a lot of really nice veggies for you in our Fall/Winter shares! 

The potato beetle pressure was high this year but our potato plants were strong and healthy when the beetles came, thus mitigating the amount of damage to the foliage of the potato plants. 

The massive potato and squash harvest begins in a few weeks! What a huge job! But it's always so gratifying to see all those bins of potatoes and squash stacked up. That's where the new potato harvester is going to help out! 

As we think about that, we are so grateful to have the kind of life where we coax our food from the earth by the sweat of our brow. Each season there's plenty of challenges, and also a bunch of faith we rely on, but loading the delivery truck down with good food every day, and seeing your smiling face every week, makes it all worth it. 



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See below for how to receive discount:


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