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Farm Happening (9th DELIVERY SUMMER)

Posted on July 23rd, 2019 by Diane Riehm
You may have figured out by now that we like to mix things up a bit for you. 

Keeping your veggie bag EXCITING! 

If you noticed sometimes you get a small yellow cucumber. 

This is called salt and pepper

We starting planting them a couple of years ago and they are a crowd pleaser

Then, we have an English cucumber.  This variety is selected for "FLAVOR", they are not consistent is size and shape.


Once in a "great while" you might get a "test variety" that we are trying out.  One of this year's is a White English cucumber.  

Last but not least, is a regular cucumber

Sometimes you will see one of these varieties in you veggie bag and then the next week maybe something different. 


2019 is a year for the record books, 

Your Summer veggies are SLOW to arrive this year.  But they are FINALLY COMING.  Look for sweet corn, tomato and sweet peppers COMING VERY SOON! 

"Healthy soil makes healthier veggies, which makes a healthier you." - Farmer, Phil Riehm.  



This week's forecast prediction - Sweet Cherries and Blueberry. 

** Next week we think the fruits will be changing.  Not ripe yet but almost ready are a possibility of plums and peaches.


Look at the other items that we can include in your RPFarm's CSA Weekly Veggie Box!

* Goat cheese
* Jams & Honey
* Maple syrup
* Occasionally Fruit
* Flowers
* More Veggies

This question has come up recently. 

Why are some things in the extras and not in the options to swap???

Here's the answer...

If RPFarm does not have enough of a certain veggie to supply everyone.

Here is what we do...
 we supply as much as possible in the share.

Then, we hold a small percentage of that veggie back to offer it in the "extras" just in case the computer did not select it as a part of your share. 

So, if you really want these veggie, YOU STILL, have a few to add to your bag but not for swapping! 

This often happens when a planting is "just coming into or going out of production". 

Weather can always play a factor as well.

Hope this helps!


Meet, Adeline!

She is a 3rd year student at RPFarm.

Today she is washing Kale and loving the automation of the custom machine we purchased.

You’ve probably heard it before, and we say it often – rotate your greens!

Switching up your greens is a good thing!

But why? Why not just have the same two handfuls of spinach in every green smoothie you make, day in and day out?

Definitely think about it, because too much of the same leafy green's oxalic acid can make you sick and even cause you to end up in the hospital.

Try switching to kale once in a while!

If you are not a fan of kale pair it with foods rich in fatty acids like oil or nuts to boost the uptake of fat-soluble vitamins.

Here is a Collection of 35 Kale recipes you'll feel good about here


We want to tell you about one of the recipients who is impoverished and is eating healthy choices this year!! 

The THIRD person to eat with us for 20 weeks is an elderly lady in her late 60's who attends church regularly and has a minimum wage job.  

Now...she would never tell you she has a need. BUT, we found out how little she has in income. 

Without the donations that were made earlier by our CSA members she would not be able to make the choice to eat fresh farm foods.

THANK YOU to all who pinched in to help with your donations!

Your farmers,
Diane, John & Phil,


“We help busy people get weekly, farm fresh meals on the table so they feel healthy and full of ideas as to what’s for dinner.”