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Farm Happening (1st DELIVERY SUMMER 2020)

Posted on May 27th, 2020 by Diane Riehm
Don't miss this IMPORTANT MESSAGE: April and May have shown record monthly low temperatures.

We had four (4) straight nights of frost, followed by one (1) very cold freezing night of 28 degrees. Farmers John and Phil along with farmhands Erica, Matt and Paul did a fantastic job of adding additional blankets over susceptible crops, especially strawberries and tomatoes.  

Most strawberry varieties were already in full bloom at that time. Farmer Phil predicted that we would have lost them if we did not add a 2nd blanket of protection. It is very rare that we are not in full swing strawberry harvesting by early June. 
Farming life often has a way of working itself out! Our strawberries are not ready yet, but Eshelman's has Fuji apples with great flavor. Laura Eshleman says "A lot of our farm's apples were intended for Ohio Schools but with the pandemic and schools being closed our supply is running long".  

Wait for it... The strawberries are coming soon!  



Here is the first (1st) thing you need to do before your first delivery.  

Act now and request to see the many exciting recipes that people contribute in two (2) of our Facebook groups. Like the rhubarb recipe found here.  

Ask away because using up a veggie box has becomes second nature to the masters who love to share in these groups.  

Hurry now so that at the end of the 20 weeks you'll have started your journey to feel more confident with your veggies.   

1. Rush on over and send a request to join both FB groups today: 

Here is the second (2nd) thing you must do before your first delivery.

You must whitelist your emails from This is a simple action that keeps your "time to customize your box" email and other email updates from going to spam.

2. Directions- Add to your email contacts.  Need to know how- Google search how to "Create Contact" for your personal email provider (gmail, yahoo, aol, outlook, etc.). 


HONEY from a local bee keeper.

MAPLE SYRUP from our friends and neighboring farmers, the Brundage's  

 from long-time friends and farming buddies in Bucyrus. 


Not all "Add-ons" arrive the very first week. See schedule below:


June 1-6:
FRUIT FORECAST PREDICTION - Fuji Apples and not sure for the second fruit.

BEEF-OF-THE-MONTH SHARES - This first delivery is hamburger patties. Second delivery is scheduled for the week of July 5.

EGG SHARES- Weekly eggs are coming the week of June 1. If you ordered every-other-week eggs and you don't get them this first delivery, you are scheduled to receive them the next week.


Coming June 8-13:

The first delivery is Sunflower Seed. Second delivery is scheduled for the week of June 22.

HAMBURGER-OF-THE-MONTH SHARES - The first delivery of the Frozen 3 (one) 1 pound packages. Second delivery is scheduled for the week of July 12.  No added hormone or anti-bionics, born and raised on our farm, roaming over 40 acres of rotating grassy pastures.


Coming June 14-20:

 Due to unforeseen circumstances, the butcher is behind and not able to provide the chicken as early as needed. This first delivery of the Frozen 5 item package will be a week late. Second delivery is scheduled for the week of July 12 (fingers crossed).

Weekly flowers are coming the week of June 14. If you ordered every-other-week flowers and you don't get them this first delivery, you are scheduled to receive them the next week.

Phil, John & Diane
Your farmers at
Riehm Produce Farm  


“We help busy people get weekly, farm fresh meals on the table so they feel healthy and full of ideas as to what’s for dinner.”