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Spring is on the Way

Posted on March 4th, 2021 by Bob Baker

Welcome to the 2021 CSA Season!  Thank you for your interest and for visiting our site!

We are enjoying the sun, the warmth, and the company of our volunteers as we begin planting seeds in our greenhouse.  The onions are the first seeds on our calendar to be planted.  They are resilient and can stand up to the early spring temperatures - once the ground is workable and we leave 32 behind -  they will take up their residence in the soil and reach maturity in 4 months. 

The greenhouse is where it all begins and has a story of its own to tell. What makes a greenhouse so special?  The amount of light that enters, the controlled temperature, and the ability to easily regulate the moisture that the plants receive.  Before the greenhouse magic begins - we must first open the closet door and bring out the cleaning crew!  This magical environment also produces ideal conditions for pests, pathogens, and disease to flourish.  Everything is removed from the greenhouse - it is swept clean - washed down with a mild soap solution - and then sanitized with a very dilute bleach solution.  Before anything is brought back in (seed trays, tables, chairs, garden tools, wheels barrels, shovels,  buckets, hose, sprinklers, etc.) it all must be washed and sanitized.  Once the planting season begins - our best defense is to routinely inspect the plants and remove those that show any sign of disease. 

Many of our volunteers make the comment that beginning in January they start counting the days till they are back in the greenhouse.  Out of their  house, the light and warmth of the greenhouse - with high ceilings, lots of space, it signals an end to hibernation and the beginning of a new spring with renewed energy and purpose.  They are starting the process to fulfill the Farm's mission to grow food for the Regional Food Bank to feed the hungry!

If you feel the urge to join us - we have plenty of volunteers spots available - we allow only 4 volunteers per shift to ensure plenty of space between each volunteer - Monday through Friday (2 shifts)  - 9m - 12noon and 12noon - 3pm - on Saturday (1 shift) - 9am - 12noon - you may use this link to access our volunteer sign up page -  VOLUNTEER

We appreciate your support of the CSA and Farm -

Very best, Bob