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Farm Happenings for November 9, 2023

Posted on November 3rd, 2023 by Steve Young

Last weeks abrupt change of the weather was my wake up call to say I best not push my luck any further. Counting on the warm fall weather to continue is a gamble I don't have the courage to bet on. This upcoming week will be the last scheduled delivery to all home and pick up locations. I had to spend some time contemplating on making this decision being I still have a lot of produce to offer. I will however be keeping the farm stand open but for farm pick ups only. I realize this is not a realistic option for a lot of you living at a distance from the farm. If you do live farther away from the farm and we have bad weather for driving on Thursday all orders can be kept in storage here, and picked up when the weather clears.

I'll be stocking more items this week in slightly larger quantities. If you have the room in your refrigerator you should have pretty good luck holding on to some items for a couple weeks out. Eggs also have a long shelf and if refrigerated will hold well for several weeks. Everything I have left will be available on the farm stand for pickup here at the farm until I'm sold out.

If anyone has the shipping containers, or empty egg cartons at home please send me an email and I'll make arrangements with you to come and pick them up.

Thank you all for buying my produce this year. I look forward to hearing from you again next spring. Deliveries into Ozaukee and Milwaukee county will resume most likely in the April-May time frame. 

With warm regards,

Farmer Steve