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On course for the first season's delivery on June 17th

Posted on May 23rd, 2021 by Steve Young

Greetings everyone!
Three months into it now and we're closing in on the season's first delivery day of June 17th. With about 25 days before the kick-off there's always the question in my mind of "what will be ready to harvest". Fortunately having greenhouses offers some comfort knowing they'll provide us with much of our diet until the outdoor crops are ready for harvest. The greenhouse above is currently occupied with cabbage, celery, cucumbers, and basil. There are three other greenhouses and they're filled with a variety of other vegetables too.
If anyone's out there still wanting to renew their membership for the season this week would be a good time to do so. We are very close to our capacity. After June 1st anyone interested in joining will be added to a waiting list.
Before the start I'll be sending out an email to give you details about picking up your share each week. For those returning members there won't be anything much different from last year. The farm will again be using the Harvie management software that was used last year. If you have any questions about using Harvie to customize your weekly share, to schedule vacations, etc. contact the Harvey support desk from your dashboard.
I hope you find the food from the farm a great addition to your weekly menus. After spending a winter eating vegetables stored from last summer, I myself am looking forward to eating fresh harvested produce again.
Enjoy the rest of the spring season!
Steve Young
Rare Earth Farm